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Leveled Lists; Count



To start off, I would like to mention that I am a novice fo4edit user. While I understand navigating around the interface and how to merge plugins. I lack ability in what each function means or now the connect to make the mod a finished product.


Currently, I have learned how to add a Weapons mod from the weapons list to the Leveled Items list. I had to learn how the leveled items list allows how the raiders receive their item drop information.

For Instance, I am making a better compiled list for "Modern Firearms". In order to do this I have to make each weapon in the weapons list a leveled list entry. From there I can connect each reference to an NPC list.


What I am looking for is to know what each line in the Fo4edit list for Leveled Items means. Such as 'LLC - Count'.

How does this apply to ingame. Does it mean that out of the list I have say 5? Or does it mean that ingame all of the raiders selected from the list have 5?

Again, how does the count apply to the game?


If you have any advanced fo4edit forums or tutorials that would be great. I cannot find any in depth page by page guides. I could really use the experience.


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