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In need of a little help on the NVInterior Project -> Interior Lighting Overhaul section.


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fist of all, thanks for making and having maintained this guide so far!


I'm not an experienced modder by any means but I do know my way around the tools to a certain extend and, with the help from a well written and detailed guide I rarely run into any major problems.



But I'm at a loss here on how to correctly follow the given instructions from "NVInteriors Project" up to the part where all ILO plugins are getting merged to end upo with the desired result.


First, when installing NVInteriors Rewritten + ILO Patch file, it isn't specified, if the patch file should actually be merged with the main file. When I install them as separate mods, I'm unable to follow the instructions given later on to move the "ILO - NVInteriors Project.esp" from the available ESPs to the optional ESPs section in "NVInteriors Rewritten" Optional ESPs tab since that ESP isn't listed (just NVI ComboEdition & NVI Core are there).


Now if I try to install & merge NVInteriors Rewritten + NVInteriors Rewritten ILO-Patch, it IS possible to move the .esp from available ESPs to optional ESPs BUT, when trying to create the "ILO Merged" file, "ILO - NVInteriors Project.esp" just isn't listed in the plugin list from Merged Plugins Standalone and yet it IS there if I go about it the way i described above.


I'm going in circles at this point since I can follow directions alright and have some superficial understanding of what I'm doing but absolutely cannot assess any consequences of things I might be doing wrong.


Hopefully someone can lend me a hand on this issue.



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Thanks for the quick reply!


That indeed makes it more clear albeit I already suspected the patch had to be merged with the main file but really wasn't sure.

As it turns out, I was being retarded because when loading Merge Plugins in order to merge the ILO files I forgot to actually scroll down and tick the NVInteriors Project ILO patch during plugin selection and thus didn't see the plugin listed in the main window. <.<


Yeah.. pretty much complete failure on my part.


Anyways, really appreciate the help and keep up the good work!



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