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Manually adding .json files to MO 2



I have tried to add .json files to MO 2 but from what I can see, they're missing meta tags.  How can I add the files?  And I have MO 2 placed in E:steam/steamapps/common/FO4 but all my MO2 files are on C:users/(username)/appdata/local/mo2/fo4.  Do I need to move all those files into the E: drive folder?

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That is because the *.jason is not a game related. You can right click the installed mod and select the ignore option or create a known empty folder in the mod, Meshes or Textures. If the mod that needs the *.jason can not see it then you will have to reoprt it to the DEV team.

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I figured it out.  Had to go into the mods file and create new string <character name>F4SE>Plugins>F4EE>Presets><character name.json>.  That added the file plus the empty .json file to load.  The I deleted the empty .json and enabled the file I created, and it installed correctly.  I'm new to MO2 and still learning, not bad for a 61 year old gamer.

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I do have another question.  I installed MO2 in my Fallout 4 games file, but all the data files go to another drive.  Do I need to move those files to the game folder install?  Game files on E; drive, but data on C: drive.  Yeah, 61.  Don't know many gamers around my area my age, so I guess I'm an oddity.  I can't find tutorials online for the questions I have, so I have to figure everything out myself.  Over the years I've forgotten so much about computers and files I used to know, so I've got a real learning curve for MO2.

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MO2 is installed either as: "portable ie. everything is in the one place" or "instanced ie. all relative folders and configuration is in %Appdata%\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\"


MO2 doesn't need to be installed anywhere near the game. In fact it is often better to install it somewhere else as most users have their games inside a UAC folder where Windows takes control of it.

e.g. Program Files (x86)


Sounds like you have an instanced install. Keeping everything there is fine, it is just a matter of choice. %Appdata% is usually hidden so the option is given so newbies don't fret where their stuff is stored.


If you can post your mo_interface.log here I can see what you have configured.

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Here's my log.


04:49:03 [D] start main application

04:49:03 [D] data path: C:/Users/Jim/AppData/Local/ModOrganizer/Fallout 4

04:49:04 [D] Working directory: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Mod Organizer

04:49:04 [D] Loaded settings:

04:49:04 [D]   compact_downloads=false

04:49:04 [D]   crash_dumps_max=5

04:49:04 [D]   crash_dumps_type=1

04:49:04 [D]   display_foreign=true

04:49:04 [D]   force_enable_core_files=true

04:49:04 [D]   hide_unchecked_plugins=false

04:49:04 [D]   language=

04:49:04 [D]   load_mechanism=0

04:49:04 [D]   log_level=1

04:49:04 [D]   meta_downloads=false

04:49:04 [D]   nexus_login=true

04:49:04 [D]   nmm_version=0.61.13

04:49:04 [D]   offline_mode=false

04:49:04 [D]   use_prereleases=false

04:49:04 [D]   use_proxy=false

04:49:04 [D] initializing core

04:49:04 [D] usvfs log messages are written to C:/Users/Jim/AppData/Local/ModOrganizer/Fallout 4/logs/usvfs-2017-12-31_09-49-04.log

04:49:04 [D] Initializing VFS <mod_organizer_instance, 1, 1, C:/Users/Jim/AppData/Local/ModOrganizer/Fallout 4/crashDumps>

04:49:04 [D] downloads after refresh: 2

04:49:04 [D] initialize plugins

04:49:04 [D] looking for plugins in E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Mod Organizer\plugins

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "bsa_extractor.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "check_fnis.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "diagnose_basic.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "game_fallout3.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "game_fallout4.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "game_falloutNV.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "game_oblivion.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "game_skyrim.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "game_skyrimse.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "inibakery.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "inieditor.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "installer_bain.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "installer_bundle.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "installer_fomod.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "installer_manual.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "installer_ncc.dll"

04:49:04 [D] loaded plugin "installer_quick.dll"

04:49:05 [D] loaded plugin "pyCfg.py"

04:49:05 [D] loaded plugin "plugin_python.dll"

04:49:05 [D] loaded plugin "preview_base.dll"

04:49:05 [D] downloads after refresh: 301

04:49:05 [D] managing game at E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4

04:49:05 [D] setting up configured executables

04:49:05 [D] configured profile: Rhiannon

04:49:05 [D] validating login cookies

04:49:05 [D] initializing tutorials

04:49:06 [D] loaded language en-US

04:49:06 [D] interface Wi-Fi seems to be up (address: fe80::1054:f52e:16de:4fc1%wireless_32769)

04:49:07 [D] reading save games from C:/Users/Jim/AppData/Local/ModOrganizer/Fallout 4/profiles/Rhiannon/saves

04:49:07 [D] displaying main window

04:49:07 [D] retrieving credentials

04:49:08 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\modlist.txt saved

04:49:24 [D] resume at 0 bytes

04:49:27 [D] 1 orphaned meta files will be deleted

04:49:29 [D] nexus category id 17 maps to internal 26

04:49:29 [D] mod id guessed: 1_Moly face preset-17466-1-1.rar -> -1

04:49:29 [D] passed mod id: 17466, guessed id: -1

04:49:29 [D] using mod name "Moly face preset" (id 17466) -> 1_Moly face preset-17466-1-1.rar

04:49:29 [D] not a simple archive

04:49:29 [D] F4SE on the top level

04:49:29 [D] offering installation dialog

04:50:23 [D] nexus category id 17 maps to internal 26

04:50:23 [D] mod id guessed: 1_Moly face preset-17466-1-1.rar -> -1

04:50:23 [D] passed mod id: 17466, guessed id: -1

04:50:23 [D] using mod name "Moly face preset" (id 17466) -> 1_Moly face preset-17466-1-1.rar

04:50:23 [D] not a simple archive

04:50:23 [D] F4SE on the top level

04:50:23 [D] offering installation dialog

04:51:44 [D] nexus category id 17 maps to internal 26

04:51:44 [D] mod id guessed: 1_Moly face preset-17466-1-1.rar -> -1

04:51:44 [D] passed mod id: 17466, guessed id: -1

04:51:44 [D] using mod name "Moly face preset" (id 17466) -> 1_Moly face preset-17466-1-1.rar

04:51:44 [D] not a simple archive

04:51:44 [D] F4SE on the top level

04:51:44 [D] offering installation dialog

04:55:40 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

04:55:44 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Face Preset Downloads/Avyvxii Preset-18469-1-0.rar")) 1

04:55:45 [D] mod id guessed: Avyvxii Preset-18469-1-0.rar -> -1

04:55:45 [D] passed mod id: 0, guessed id: -1

04:55:45 [D] using mod name "Avyvxii Preset" (id 0) -> C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Face Preset Downloads/Avyvxii Preset-18469-1-0.rar

04:55:45 [D] not a simple archive

04:55:45 [D] offering installation dialog

04:56:21 [D] Download started

04:56:21 [D] download requested: nxm://Fallout4/mods/21603/files/88008

04:56:21 [D] add nxm download: nxm://Fallout4/mods/21603/files/88008

04:56:22 [D] selected download url: https://filedelivery.nexusmods.com/1151/Shannon - LooksMenu - Preset - v1.01-21603-v1-01.rar?fid=88008&ttl=1514735783&ri=8192&rs=8192&setec=be65588d374929f585c8b0e60cb68382

04:56:23 [D] 1 orphaned meta files will be deleted

04:56:32 [D] nexus category id 58 maps to internal 39

04:56:32 [D] mod id guessed: Shannon - LooksMenu - Preset - v1.01-21603-v1-01.rar -> 21603

04:56:32 [D] using mod name "Shannon - LooksMenu - Bodyslide Presets" (id 21603) -> Shannon - LooksMenu - Preset - v1.01-21603-v1-01.rar

04:56:32 [D] F4SE on the top level

04:56:32 [D] F4SE on the top level

04:56:57 [D] installing to "C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\mods\Shannon - LooksMenu - Bodyslide Presets"

04:56:57 [D] Installation successful

04:56:57 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\modlist.txt saved

04:57:05 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\plugins.txt saved

04:57:05 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\loadorder.txt saved

04:57:05 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

04:57:05 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\archives.txt saved

04:57:06 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\modlist.txt saved

04:57:08 [D] nexus category id 17 maps to internal 26

04:57:08 [D] mod id guessed: 1_Moly face preset-17466-1-1.rar -> -1

04:57:08 [D] passed mod id: 17466, guessed id: -1

04:57:08 [D] using mod name "Moly face preset" (id 17466) -> 1_Moly face preset-17466-1-1.rar

04:57:08 [D] not a simple archive

04:57:08 [D] F4SE on the top level

04:57:08 [D] offering installation dialog

05:01:54 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:02:04 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Face Preset Downloads/Nicolette Preset Remastered-23129-1-0.zip")) 1

05:02:05 [D] mod id guessed: Nicolette Preset Remastered-23129-1-0.zip -> -1

05:02:05 [D] passed mod id: 0, guessed id: -1

05:02:05 [D] using mod name "Nicolette Preset Remastered" (id 0) -> C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Face Preset Downloads/Nicolette Preset Remastered-23129-1-0.zip

05:02:05 [D] F4SE on the top level

05:02:05 [D] F4SE on the top level

05:02:08 [D] installing to "C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\mods\Nicolette Preset Remastered"

05:02:08 [D] Installation successful

05:02:08 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\modlist.txt saved

05:02:10 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:02:11 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\modlist.txt saved

05:08:06 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:08:08 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Face Preset Downloads")) 1

05:08:14 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Annunaki's Characters Remastered-25764-1-0.zip")) 1

05:08:16 [D] mod id guessed: Annunaki's Characters Remastered-25764-1-0.zip -> -1

05:08:16 [D] passed mod id: 0, guessed id: -1

05:08:16 [D] using mod name "Annunaki's Characters Remastered" (id 0) -> C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Annunaki's Characters Remastered-25764-1-0.zip

05:08:16 [D] F4SE on the top level

05:08:16 [D] F4SE on the top level

05:08:21 [D] installing to "C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\mods\Annunaki's Characters Remastered"

05:08:22 [D] Installation successful

05:08:22 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\modlist.txt saved

05:08:24 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:08:25 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\modlist.txt saved

05:18:31 [D] Download started

05:18:31 [D] download requested: nxm://Fallout4/mods/24028/files/99253

05:18:31 [D] add nxm download: nxm://Fallout4/mods/24028/files/99253

05:18:32 [D] selected download url: https://filedelivery.nexusmods.com/1151/Kunio Face Preset Andra-24028-1.rar?fid=99253&ttl=1514737113&ri=8192&rs=8192&setec=010f074076f308000718795e40b03bb8

05:18:33 [D] 1 orphaned meta files will be deleted

05:18:46 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:19:01 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Fallout 4 Download Archive")) 1

05:19:01 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:19:12 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Fallout 4 Download Archive")) 1

05:19:17 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Face Preset Downloads")) 1

05:19:18 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:19:23 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Face Preset Downloads")) 1

05:20:32 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:20:34 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///E:/Games")) 1

05:20:34 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:20:35 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///E:/Games/Nexus Mod Manager")) 1

05:20:36 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///E:/Games/Nexus Mod Manager")) 1

05:20:37 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///E:/Games/Nexus Mod Manager")) 1

05:20:38 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:20:38 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///E:/Games/Nexus Mod Manager/Fallout4")) 1

05:20:39 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:20:39 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///E:/Games/Nexus Mod Manager/Fallout4/Mods")) 1

05:20:40 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:20:40 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:21:08 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:21:29 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Desktop")) 1

05:21:31 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads")) 1

05:21:31 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:21:44 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Fallout  Downloads")) 1

05:21:45 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:21:51 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Fallout  Downloads")) 1

05:23:04 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/Fallout  Downloads")) 1

05:23:28 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads")) 1

05:23:31 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:23:35 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/MiscHairstyle1.6 by Atherisz.7z")) 1

05:23:38 [D] simple expression matched, using name only

05:23:38 [D] passed mod id: 0, guessed id: -1

05:23:38 [D] using mod name "MiscHairstyle1" (id 0) -> C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/MiscHairstyle1.6 by Atherisz.7z

05:23:38 [D] Materials on the top level

05:23:38 [D] Materials on the top level

05:23:40 [D] installing to "C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\mods\MiscHairstyle1"

05:23:46 [D] Installation successful

05:23:47 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\modlist.txt saved

05:23:49 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:23:49 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\modlist.txt saved

05:24:26 [D] nexus category id 58 maps to internal 39

05:24:26 [D] mod id guessed: Kunio Face Preset Andra-24028-1.rar -> -1

05:24:26 [D] passed mod id: 24028, guessed id: -1

05:24:26 [D] using mod name "Kunio Various Looksmenu Face Presets" (id 24028) -> Kunio Face Preset Andra-24028-1.rar

05:24:26 [D] F4SE on the top level

05:24:26 [D] F4SE on the top level

05:24:29 [D] installing to "C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\mods\Kunio Various Looksmenu Face Presets"

05:24:29 [D] Installation successful

05:24:29 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\modlist.txt saved

05:24:44 [D] Download started

05:24:44 [D] download requested: nxm://Fallout4/mods/24028/files/99029

05:24:44 [D] add nxm download: nxm://Fallout4/mods/24028/files/99029

05:24:44 [D] selected download url: https://filedelivery.nexusmods.com/1151/Kunio Face Preset V1-24028-1.rar?fid=99029&ttl=1514737486&ri=8192&rs=8192&setec=ca65767a8579591bf72b7bc67bc77e37

05:24:46 [D] 1 orphaned meta files will be deleted

05:24:55 [D] nexus category id 58 maps to internal 39

05:24:55 [D] mod id guessed: Kunio Face Preset V1-24028-1.rar -> 24028

05:24:55 [D] using mod name "Kunio Various Looksmenu Face Presets" (id 24028) -> Kunio Face Preset V1-24028-1.rar

05:24:55 [D] F4SE on the top level

05:24:55 [D] F4SE on the top level

05:25:18 [D] installing to "C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\mods\Kunio Various Looksmenu Face Presets"

05:25:18 [D] Installation successful

05:25:22 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:25:23 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\modlist.txt saved

05:25:36 [D] Download started

05:25:36 [D] download requested: nxm://Fallout4/mods/24028/files/97871

05:25:36 [D] add nxm download: nxm://Fallout4/mods/24028/files/97871

05:25:37 [D] selected download url: https://filedelivery.nexusmods.com/1151/Kunio Face Preset-24028-1.rar?fid=97871&ttl=1514737539&ri=8192&rs=8192&setec=8dd877f9216ca99624a2cdf265641522

05:25:38 [D] 1 orphaned meta files will be deleted

05:25:46 [D] nexus category id 58 maps to internal 39

05:25:46 [D] mod id guessed: Kunio Face Preset-24028-1.rar -> -1

05:25:46 [D] passed mod id: 24028, guessed id: -1

05:25:46 [D] using mod name "Kunio Various Looksmenu Face Presets" (id 24028) -> Kunio Face Preset-24028-1.rar

05:25:46 [D] F4SE on the top level

05:25:46 [D] F4SE on the top level

05:25:49 [D] installing to "C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\mods\Kunio Various Looksmenu Face Presets"

05:25:49 [D] Installation successful

05:27:08 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:27:14 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/presets 1001-10-26476-1-2.zip")) 1

05:27:15 [D] mod id guessed: presets 1001-10-26476-1-2.zip -> -1

05:27:15 [D] passed mod id: 0, guessed id: -1

05:27:15 [D] using mod name "presets" (id 0) -> C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Downloads/presets 1001-10-26476-1-2.zip

05:27:15 [D] not a simple archive

05:27:15 [D] offering installation dialog

05:35:28 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:35:31 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Desktop/F4SE Launcher.lnk")) 1

05:36:00 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder")) 1

05:36:12 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Desktop")) 1

05:36:36 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\initweaks.ini saved

05:36:36 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:36:36 [D] Load Mechanism: Mod Organizer

05:36:36 [D] USVFS DLL Name: usvfs_x64.dll

05:36:36 [D] enable local saves: 1

05:36:36 [D] Updating VFS mappings...

05:36:38 [D] VFS mappings updated <linked 258 dirs, 5 files>

05:36:38 [D] Spawning direct process < "E:/Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/f4se_loader.exe" , "" , "C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Desktop" >

05:36:38 [D] Waiting for spawned process completion : f4se_loader.exe (2820)

05:36:39 [D] Waiting for usvfs process completion : Fallout4.exe (10020)

05:38:10 [D] Waiting for process completion successfull

05:38:10 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:38:18 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\initweaks.ini saved

05:38:18 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:38:18 [D] Load Mechanism: Mod Organizer

05:38:18 [D] USVFS DLL Name: usvfs_x64.dll

05:38:19 [D] enable local saves: 1

05:38:19 [D] Updating VFS mappings...

05:38:20 [D] VFS mappings updated <linked 258 dirs, 5 files>

05:38:20 [D] Spawning direct process < "E:/Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/f4se_loader.exe" , "" , "E:/Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4" >

05:38:20 [D] Waiting for spawned process completion : f4se_loader.exe (10600)

05:38:21 [D] Waiting for usvfs process completion : Fallout4.exe (1340)

05:40:08 [D] Waiting for process completion successfull

05:40:08 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:40:30 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:40:50 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:41:09 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange () 0

05:41:11 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///E:/Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/f4se_loader.exe")) 1

05:41:20 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder")) 1

05:41:24 [D] QWindowsNativeFileDialogBase::onSelectionChange (QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Desktop")) 1

05:41:54 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\initweaks.ini saved

05:41:54 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:41:54 [D] Load Mechanism: Mod Organizer

05:41:54 [D] USVFS DLL Name: usvfs_x64.dll

05:41:54 [D] enable local saves: 1

05:41:55 [D] Updating VFS mappings...

05:41:56 [D] VFS mappings updated <linked 258 dirs, 5 files>

05:41:56 [D] Spawning direct process < "E:/Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/f4se_loader.exe" , "" , "C:/Users/Jim/Pictures/New folder/Desktop" >

05:41:56 [D] Waiting for spawned process completion : f4se_loader.exe (5616)

05:41:57 [D] Waiting for usvfs process completion : Fallout4.exe (4588)

05:43:29 [D] Waiting for process completion successfull

05:43:29 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:44:16 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\initweaks.ini saved

05:44:16 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:44:16 [D] Load Mechanism: Mod Organizer

05:44:16 [D] USVFS DLL Name: usvfs_x64.dll

05:44:16 [D] enable local saves: 1

05:44:16 [D] Updating VFS mappings...

05:44:17 [D] VFS mappings updated <linked 258 dirs, 5 files>

05:44:17 [D] Spawning direct process < "E:/Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/f4se_loader.exe" , "" , "E:/Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4" >

05:44:17 [D] Waiting for spawned process completion : f4se_loader.exe (11060)

05:44:18 [D] Waiting for usvfs process completion : Fallout4.exe (7648)

05:47:11 [D] Waiting for process completion successfull

05:47:12 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:47:15 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

05:47:15 [D] Updating VFS mappings...

05:47:16 [D] VFS mappings updated <linked 258 dirs, 5 files>

05:47:17 [D] [loot] [detail] Initialising load order data for game of type 4 at: E:/Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4

05:47:18 [D] [loot] [detail] Existing repository found, attempting to open it.

05:47:18 [D] [loot] [detail] Using remote URL: https://github.com/loot/fallout4.git

05:47:18 [D] [loot] [detail] Local branch and masterlist file are already up to date.

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: DLCCoast.esm

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: DLCUltraHighResolution.esm

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: DLCWorkshop01.esm

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: DLCWorkshop02.esm

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: DLCWorkshop03.esm

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Fallout4.esm

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: finch and graygarden elevator.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: k9tacticalharness.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: LovingPiper.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OWR.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: radionam.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: unlockedsettlementobjects.esm

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: unlockedsettlementobjectsdlc05.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: young explorer.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: zn_Sniper.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: zgcquiet.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: YoungLaraCroftFacePreset_2.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: WorkingTableLamps.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: woodysWastelandStuff.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: WoodenPrefabsExtended.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: WastelandScarf.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: VictorianDress.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: VHCE.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: UrbanFoodExpanded.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: UnlimitedFollowers.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: UltraInteriorLightingNODLC.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: UltimateAssortment.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: TurretStands.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: TurretSpotLight-mod-v01.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: TuneRadio.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: tschutschiWardrobe2.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: TransferSettlements.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Thematic and Practical.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: TheKite_VTS_Replacer.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: TheKite_VTS.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: TheKite_ScoopDigger.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: TheKite_Caitset_ReplacerAddon.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: TheKite_CaitSet.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: The Eyes Of Beauty.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: THBrows.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: TC_FO4_EasyPicketFenceMags.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: TamatersAndTaters.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SunglassesTargetingHUD.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: StopUsingMyBenchesAWKCR.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Starlight Delight.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Starlight Delight-Working Projector-Includes Sound.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: StandalonePowerArmorStationWithChains.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SSEX.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SR_Settlement_Signs.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SoundOfSilence-No_HP_Noise.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SoundOfSilence-E.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SniperPerkImproved.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Snappy_HouseK.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Snappable Covenant Walls.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SnapBeds.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Smoke-able Cigars.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SMH.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Siles - Connectable Electricpoles.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ShortFlagpoles.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ShanoaArmorFO4-CBBE.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Settler Sandbox Overhaul.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SettleObjExpandPack.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SettleObjExpandPack-AllLightShadowEnabler.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SettlementPrivacy.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SettlementKeywords.esm

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Scrappers Paradise 1.5.2.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Scrap Everything - Vault-Tec Workshop.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Scrap Everything - Far Harbor.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Scrap Everything - Core.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: SameSexFemale.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Rough_in_the_Diamond_Piper_v2_1.02.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: restore old items.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Realistic Death Physics.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: RadBull.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: powerboxsdavismike49.esp

05:47:19 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Power Conduits and Pylons Overhaul - SKE.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: PlantedPlantable.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Pet - Call -Feed Dogmeat.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: PeopleCollars.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Passthrough.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OWR2_SKEPatch.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OWR2_CraftableDecor_SKPatch.esl

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OWR2_CraftableDecor_CW_SKPatch.esl

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OWR2_CraftableDecor_CW.esl

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OWR2_CraftableDecor.esl

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OWR2.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OVT.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OctaviusSentibar_Labels.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OCDispenser.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OCDecorator.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: OCD FarHarborDLC.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: NPC Spawner.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: NoTwigs.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: NoMoreGhoulEvadeDancing.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: NewLooksForCait.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: My_Minutemen.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Multiple Floors Sandboxing.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: mso_sms.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: MREs.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Motoko Hair.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: More Hair Colors (LMCC) Pack 16.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: MK_CanteensofCommonwealth.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: MiscHairstyle.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Minuteman_CB_ECCA.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Mac131Frame.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: M1Garand.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: M1Garand-2xDMG.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: M1Garand - AWKCR.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: M16.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: M14.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: LovingCurie_1.0.3b.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: LordXaydRefDel.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Loot Detector.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: LooksMirror.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: LooksMenu.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: LongerPowerLinesInf.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: LongerPipboyRange2x.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Locksmith.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: LMBTOverlays.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Lazmans_highheels_outfits.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: KSHairdos.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Journal.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Jessica Preset 13 So Sultry.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Jessica Preset 13 Nuclear Breezed.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: JCWBuilder.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Infinite Conduit Wall.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Improved .50 Mod.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ImmersiveLoversEmbrace.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: IMG_Castle_Wall_Patches.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Homemaker.esm

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Homemaker - Unlocked Institute Objects.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Homemaker - Bunker Disabler.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: HN66Fo4_Rings.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: HN66Fo4_EasyGirl_BS.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: HN66Fo4_EarringsV1.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: HighHeels.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: GruffyddsSignsAndPosters.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: GlovesOfTheCommonwealth.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: FieldScribeBackpack.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ExtendedHairColors.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Extended weapon mods.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: EthreonMasterPlan.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Enemies_Don't_Shoot_So_Good.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: EndorsCustomCombatArmor_WATM.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: EndorsCustomCombatArmor_CFA.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: EndorsCustomCombatArmor_AzarHair.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: EndorsCustomCombatArmor_AE.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: EndorsCustomCombatArmor.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Easier Hacking - 8 Words.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Easier Hacking - 5 Words.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Easier Hacking - 3 Words.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Easier Hacking - 10 Words.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Easier Hacking - 1 Word.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: drm1981_PinkPrincessOutfit.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: DOOM1911.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Docile Radstags.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: dinoshelf_retex.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: dinoshelf_extra_ammo.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: dinoshelf.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: DeployableTurretsPack.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: DD_flag_poles.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: DD_All_the_COncrete.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: DD_1x1_Foundation_Blocks.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: D.E.C.A.Y.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: CuteYenOutfit.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Custom Concrete with Glass.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Crimsomrider's 1950s Feminine Outfits.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Crafting Workbench.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ConstructionLight_MAXBright_Shadows_Wireless.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Conquest.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Combatrifle_Extend.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ColtM1911.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: CleanSettlement.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Clean Wasteland Workshop.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Cindercraft.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: CBBE.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: CatDecoFloors.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: cartman1975_concrete-glass_darkgrey.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: cartman1975_concrete-glass.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Cait Bandolier Standalone.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Cait Bandolier Craftable - Crafting Workbenches.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Cait Bandolier Base Crafting Workbenches MERGED.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: CabinInTheWoods.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: BuildableBurningCampfires.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: BrighterSettlementLights_LessHarsh.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Boonie Hats.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Binoculars.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Bigger Settlements-Bigger 1.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: BetterJunkFences.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Better50Cal.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Better Vendor Stalls.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Better Cooking Stations.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Better Cooking Stations - Far Harbor patch.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Better Cooking Stations - Animated Drinking patch.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: BalconySupports.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: AWKCR - Vault-Tec.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: AWKCR - Contraptions.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: AsharaFO4Steampunk.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Artillery_Grenade.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ArmoryRifleAndHandgunRacks.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Armorsmith Far Harbor.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Armorsmith Extended.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ArmorKeywords.esm

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches - AWKCR.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Animated Drinking.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: AlternateSettlements.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: Aki - Colorful Trees.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: AES_Renovated Furniture.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: AES_Bookcases.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: AdvSettleTurretSet.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: AdvBubbleTurretSet-RealNP.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ACS Master.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ACS Master.esm

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ACS LuisRoyoModule.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: ABP Paintings.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: 9x39ProjectAWKCR.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: 9x39Project.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: 50CalTurret.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: 1CAS_serviceRifle.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: 155mm Howitzer M1.esp

05:47:20 [D] [loot] Found plugin: 10mmPistolReplacer.esp

05:47:21 [D] [loot] [detail] Loading 225 plugins using 6 threads, with up to 38 plugins per thread.

05:47:47 [D] [loot] [detail] Merging masterlist, userlist into plugin list, evaluating conditions and checking for install validity.

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Fetched existing load order: 

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Fallout4.esm

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] DLCWorkshop01.esm

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] DLCCoast.esm

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] DLCWorkshop02.esm

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] DLCWorkshop03.esm

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] DLCUltraHighResolution.esm

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] unlockedsettlementobjects.esm

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] ArmorKeywords.esm

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] ACS Master.esm

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Homemaker.esm

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2_CraftableDecor.esl

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2_CraftableDecor_CW.esl

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] SettlementKeywords.esm

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2_CraftableDecor_CW_SKPatch.esl

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2_CraftableDecor_SKPatch.esl

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] EthreonMasterPlan.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] OVT.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] k9tacticalharness.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] MiscHairstyle.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Armorsmith Extended.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] 155mm Howitzer M1.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Crimsomrider's 1950s Feminine Outfits.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] DD_1x1_Foundation_Blocks.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] AdvSettleTurretSet.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Aki - Colorful Trees.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] AlternateSettlements.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] AWKCR - Contraptions.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] AWKCR - Vault-Tec.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Armorsmith Far Harbor.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] ACS Master.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] ABP Paintings.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Crafting Workbench.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Cait Bandolier Base Crafting Workbenches MERGED.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Cait Bandolier Standalone.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Cait Bandolier Craftable - Crafting Workbenches.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Better Cooking Stations.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Better Cooking Stations - Far Harbor patch.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] LordXaydRefDel.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Scrappers Paradise 1.5.2.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] UltraInteriorLightingNODLC.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] UrbanFoodExpanded.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] unlockedsettlementobjectsdlc05.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Bigger Settlements-Bigger 1.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] TC_FO4_EasyPicketFenceMags.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Boonie Hats.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Starlight Delight-Working Projector-Includes Sound.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Starlight Delight.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] BrighterSettlementLights_LessHarsh.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] BuildableBurningCampfires.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] CBBE.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] CatDecoFloors.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Cindercraft.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] CleanSettlement.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Clean Wasteland Workshop.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Extended weapon mods.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Combatrifle_Extend.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] cartman1975_concrete-glass.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] cartman1975_concrete-glass_darkgrey.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Siles - Connectable Electricpoles.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] CuteYenOutfit.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Conquest.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] MK_CanteensofCommonwealth.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] MREs.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detai

05:47:48 [D] [loot] l] radionam.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] M1Garand.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] TamatersAndTaters.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] finch and graygarden elevator.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] ConstructionLight_MAXBright_Shadows_Wireless.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Snappable Covenant Walls.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] DD_flag_poles.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] BalconySupports.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] ShortFlagpoles.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] TurretStands.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Custom Concrete with Glass.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] powerboxsdavismike49.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] WoodenPrefabsExtended.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] IMG_Castle_Wall_Patches.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] D.E.C.A.Y.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] 10mmPistolReplacer.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] DeployableTurretsPack.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] dinoshelf.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] dinoshelf_extra_ammo.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] dinoshelf_retex.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Enemies_Don't_Shoot_So_Good.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] FieldScribeBackpack.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] GlovesOfTheCommonwealth.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] GruffyddsSignsAndPosters.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Animated Drinking.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Better Cooking Stations - Animated Drinking patch.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] HighHeels.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Lazmans_highheels_outfits.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] HN66Fo4_EarringsV1.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Homemaker - Bunker Disabler.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Homemaker - Unlocked Institute Objects.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] ImmersiveLoversEmbrace.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] SniperPerkImproved.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Infinite Conduit Wall.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] JCWBuilder.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Journal.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Locksmith.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] LongerPowerLinesInf.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] LooksMenu.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Loot Detector.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] M1Garand - AWKCR.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] M1Garand-2xDMG.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] M16.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Multiple Floors Sandboxing.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] NoTwigs.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] NoMoreGhoulEvadeDancing.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] OCDecorator.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] OCD FarHarborDLC.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] OCDispenser.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2_SKEPatch.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Power Conduits and Pylons Overhaul - SKE.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] PeopleCollars.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Pet - Call -Feed Dogmeat.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] drm1981_PinkPrincessOutfit.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] PlantedPlantable.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] young explorer.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] StandalonePowerArmorStationWithChains.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] 50CalTurret.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Binoculars.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] SettlementPrivacy.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] RadBull.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] TuneRadio.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [detail] Realistic Death Physics.esp

05:47:48 [D] [loot] [deta

05:47:49 [D] [loot] il] AES_Renovated Furniture.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] restore old items.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Snappy_HouseK.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] SoundOfSilence-No_HP_Noise.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] zn_Sniper.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Scrap Everything - Core.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Scrap Everything - Far Harbor.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Scrap Everything - Vault-Tec Workshop.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] ArmoryRifleAndHandgunRacks.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] AdvBubbleTurretSet-RealNP.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Better Vendor Stalls.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] NPC Spawner.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] mso_sms.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] SettleObjExpandPack.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] SettleObjExpandPack-AllLightShadowEnabler.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] SSEX.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] StopUsingMyBenchesAWKCR.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Settler Sandbox Overhaul.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] ShanoaArmorFO4-CBBE.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Artillery_Grenade.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] SMH.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Smoke-able Cigars.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] SnapBeds.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] BetterJunkFences.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] SoundOfSilence-E.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] SR_Settlement_Signs.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] DD_All_the_COncrete.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] CabinInTheWoods.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] ACS LuisRoyoModule.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] M14.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] TheKite_CaitSet.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] TheKite_Caitset_ReplacerAddon.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] TheKite_ScoopDigger.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] TheKite_VTS.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Thematic and Practical.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] TransferSettlements.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] tschutschiWardrobe2.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] TurretSpotLight-mod-v01.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] UltimateAssortment.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Passthrough.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] 1CAS_serviceRifle.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] WastelandScarf.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches - AWKCR.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] OctaviusSentibar_Labels.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] woodysWastelandStuff.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] WorkingTableLamps.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] zgcquiet.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] 9x39Project.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] 9x39ProjectAWKCR.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] AES_Bookcases.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] AsharaFO4Steampunk.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Better50Cal.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] ColtM1911.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] DOOM1911.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Easier Hacking - 1 Word.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Easier Hacking - 10 Words.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Easier Hacking - 3 Words.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Easier Hacking - 5 Words.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Easier Hacking - 8 Words.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] ExtendedHairColors.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] HN66Fo4_EasyGirl_BS.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] HN66Fo4_Rings.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Improved .50 Mod.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Jessica Preset 13 Nuclear Breezed.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Jessica Preset 13 So Sultry.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] KSHairdos.es

05:47:49 [D] [loot] p

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] LMBTOverlays.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] LongerPipboyRange2x.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] THBrows.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] LovingPiper.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] LooksMirror.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] LovingCurie_1.0.3b.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Mac131Frame.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] More Hair Colors (LMCC) Pack 16.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Motoko Hair.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] NewLooksForCait.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Rough_in_the_Diamond_Piper_v2_1.02.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] SameSexFemale.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] UnlimitedFollowers.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] SunglassesTargetingHUD.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] The Eyes Of Beauty.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] VHCE.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] VictorianDress.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] YoungLaraCroftFacePreset_2.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Docile Radstags.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] EndorsCustomCombatArmor.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] My_Minutemen.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Minuteman_CB_ECCA.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] EndorsCustomCombatArmor_AE.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] TheKite_VTS_Replacer.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] EndorsCustomCombatArmor_AzarHair.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] EndorsCustomCombatArmor_CFA.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] EndorsCustomCombatArmor_WATM.esp

05:47:49 [D] [loot] [detail] Adding edges to plugin graph.

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Calculated order: 

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Fallout4.esm

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] DLCWorkshop01.esm

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] DLCCoast.esm

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] DLCWorkshop02.esm

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] DLCWorkshop03.esm

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] DLCUltraHighResolution.esm

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] unlockedsettlementobjects.esm

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] ArmorKeywords.esm

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] ACS Master.esm

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Homemaker.esm

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2_CraftableDecor.esl

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2_CraftableDecor_CW.esl

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] SettlementKeywords.esm

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2_CraftableDecor_CW_SKPatch.esl

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2_CraftableDecor_SKPatch.esl

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] EthreonMasterPlan.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] OVT.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] k9tacticalharness.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] MiscHairstyle.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Armorsmith Extended.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] 155mm Howitzer M1.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Crimsomrider's 1950s Feminine Outfits.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] DD_1x1_Foundation_Blocks.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] AdvSettleTurretSet.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Aki - Colorful Trees.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] AlternateSettlements.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] AWKCR - Contraptions.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] AWKCR - Vault-Tec.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Armorsmith Far Harbor.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] ACS Master.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] ABP Paintings.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Crafting Workbench.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Cait Bandolier Base Crafting Workbenches MERGED.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Cait Bandolier Standalone.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Cait Bandolier Craftable - Crafting Workbenches.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Better Cooking Stations.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Better Cooking Stations - Far Harbor patch.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] LordXaydRefDel.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Scrappers Paradise 1.5.2.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] UltraInteriorLightingNODLC.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] UrbanFoodExpanded.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] unlockedsettlementobjectsdlc05.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Bigger Settlements-Bigger 1.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] TC_FO4_EasyPicketFenceMags.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Boonie Hats.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Starlight Delight-Working Projector-Includes Sound.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Starlight Delight.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] BrighterSettlementLights_LessHarsh.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] BuildableBurningCampfires.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] CBBE.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] CatDecoFloors.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Cindercraft.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] CleanSettlement.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Clean Wasteland Workshop.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Extended weapon mods.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Combatrifle_Extend.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] cartman1975_concrete-glass.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] cartman1975_concrete-glass_darkgrey.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Siles - Connectable Electricpoles.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] CuteYenOutfit.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Conquest.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] MK_CanteensofCommonwealth.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] MREs.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] radionam.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] M1Garand.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [progre

05:47:58 [D] [loot] ss] Sorting Plugins

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] TamatersAndTaters.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] finch and graygarden elevator.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] ConstructionLight_MAXBright_Shadows_Wireless.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Snappable Covenant Walls.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] DD_flag_poles.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] BalconySupports.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] ShortFlagpoles.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] TurretStands.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Custom Concrete with Glass.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] powerboxsdavismike49.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] WoodenPrefabsExtended.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] IMG_Castle_Wall_Patches.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] D.E.C.A.Y.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] 10mmPistolReplacer.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] DeployableTurretsPack.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] dinoshelf.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] dinoshelf_extra_ammo.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] dinoshelf_retex.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Enemies_Don't_Shoot_So_Good.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] FieldScribeBackpack.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] GlovesOfTheCommonwealth.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] GruffyddsSignsAndPosters.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Animated Drinking.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Better Cooking Stations - Animated Drinking patch.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] HighHeels.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Lazmans_highheels_outfits.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] HN66Fo4_EarringsV1.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Homemaker - Bunker Disabler.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Homemaker - Unlocked Institute Objects.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] ImmersiveLoversEmbrace.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] SniperPerkImproved.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Infinite Conduit Wall.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] JCWBuilder.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Journal.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Locksmith.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] LongerPowerLinesInf.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] LooksMenu.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Loot Detector.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] M1Garand - AWKCR.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] M1Garand-2xDMG.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] M16.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Multiple Floors Sandboxing.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] NoTwigs.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] NoMoreGhoulEvadeDancing.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] OCDecorator.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] OCD FarHarborDLC.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] OCDispenser.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] OWR2_SKEPatch.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Power Conduits and Pylons Overhaul - SKE.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] PeopleCollars.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Pet - Call -Feed Dogmeat.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] drm1981_PinkPrincessOutfit.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] PlantedPlantable.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] young explorer.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] StandalonePowerArmorStationWithChains.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] 50CalTurret.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Binoculars.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] SettlementPrivacy.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] RadBull.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] TuneRadio.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Realistic Death Physics.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] AES_Renovated Furniture.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] restore old items.esp

05:47:58 [D] [loot] [detail] Snappy_House

05:47:59 [D] [loot] K.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] SoundOfSilence-No_HP_Noise.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] zn_Sniper.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Scrap Everything - Core.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Scrap Everything - Far Harbor.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Scrap Everything - Vault-Tec Workshop.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] ArmoryRifleAndHandgunRacks.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] AdvBubbleTurretSet-RealNP.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Better Vendor Stalls.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] NPC Spawner.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] mso_sms.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] SettleObjExpandPack.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] SettleObjExpandPack-AllLightShadowEnabler.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] SSEX.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] StopUsingMyBenchesAWKCR.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Settler Sandbox Overhaul.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] ShanoaArmorFO4-CBBE.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Artillery_Grenade.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] SMH.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Smoke-able Cigars.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] SnapBeds.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] BetterJunkFences.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] SoundOfSilence-E.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] SR_Settlement_Signs.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] DD_All_the_COncrete.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] CabinInTheWoods.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] ACS LuisRoyoModule.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] M14.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] TheKite_CaitSet.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] TheKite_Caitset_ReplacerAddon.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] TheKite_ScoopDigger.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] TheKite_VTS.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Thematic and Practical.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] TransferSettlements.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] tschutschiWardrobe2.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] TurretSpotLight-mod-v01.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] UltimateAssortment.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Passthrough.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] 1CAS_serviceRifle.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] WastelandScarf.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches - AWKCR.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] OctaviusSentibar_Labels.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] woodysWastelandStuff.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] WorkingTableLamps.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] zgcquiet.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] 9x39Project.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] 9x39ProjectAWKCR.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] AES_Bookcases.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] AsharaFO4Steampunk.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Better50Cal.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] ColtM1911.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] DOOM1911.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Easier Hacking - 1 Word.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Easier Hacking - 10 Words.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Easier Hacking - 3 Words.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Easier Hacking - 5 Words.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Easier Hacking - 8 Words.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] ExtendedHairColors.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] HN66Fo4_EasyGirl_BS.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] HN66Fo4_Rings.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Improved .50 Mod.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Jessica Preset 13 Nuclear Breezed.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Jessica Preset 13 So Sultry.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] KSHairdos.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] LMBTOverlays.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] LongerPipboyRange2x.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] ing Plugins

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] THBrows.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] LovingPiper.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] LooksMirror.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] LovingCurie_1.0.3b.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Mac131Frame.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] More Hair Colors (LMCC) Pack 16.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Motoko Hair.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] NewLooksForCait.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Rough_in_the_Diamond_Piper_v2_1.02.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] SameSexFemale.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] UnlimitedFollowers.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] SunglassesTargetingHUD.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] The Eyes Of Beauty.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] VHCE.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] VictorianDress.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] YoungLaraCroftFacePreset_2.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Docile Radstags.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] EndorsCustomCombatArmor.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] My_Minutemen.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] Minuteman_CB_ECCA.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] EndorsCustomCombatArmor_AE.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] TheKite_VTS_Replacer.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] EndorsCustomCombatArmor_AzarHair.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] EndorsCustomCombatArmor_CFA.esp

05:47:59 [D] [loot] [detail] EndorsCustomCombatArmor_WATM.esp

05:48:21 [D] [loot] [detail] Done!

05:48:21 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

06:51:37 [D] save C:/Users/Jim/AppData/Local/ModOrganizer/Fallout 4/webcache/cookies.dat

06:51:37 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\initweaks.ini saved

06:51:37 [D] C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\Rhiannon\lockedorder.txt saved

06:51:37 [D] Load Mechanism: Mod Organizer

06:51:37 [D] USVFS DLL Name: usvfs_x64.dll

06:51:38 [D] save C:/Users/Jim/AppData/Local/ModOrganizer/Fallout 4/webcache/nexus_cookies.dat

Edited by Greg
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Not an oddity at all, 62 in 15 days.


My setup is game on D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4.

MO installed in E:\PC Installed Programs\ModOrganizer.

Mods are in D:\Modorganizer Central\Fallout 4\mods.

Profiles are in D:\Modorganizer Central\Fallout 4\profiles.

Downloads are in E:/Modorganizer Central/Fallout 4/FO4 Downloads.


I set everything up and then pointed MO to them from the Settings/ paths tab.

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The main thing I'm concerned with is that launching the game from MO will detect my installed mods from the other drive.  If it can't load them then I may have to move everything.  I usually like to keep everything simple.

Edited by BigDaddyRat
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