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  1. Guys, I appreciate your help, but I've been fighting this thing in one way or another for the last couple of days, so I think I'm just gonna uninstall and reinstall to my desktop and see if that cures the problem. I have all my downloads copied to another folder so I can reinstall them after I install the MO.
  2. That's the whole log I just posted. I posted the wrong one before.
  3. Looking at the plugins window it lists 226 plugins. You guys have to bear with me, cause I'm new to this whole posting process.
  4. Yeah, it was after I posted the log. And I know there are plenty of MO 1 vids, it's just that I have problems the vids don't cover, which is why I started this thread in the first place.
  5. I already posted my full log up the thread. Nothing has been changed since.
  6. I tried to run if from MO and it wouldn't load at all. I hadn't changed anything since I posted that log. I had to go back into the game folder to f4se.loader to start the game. I'm moving the base from my C: drive to the E: drive where my game folder is located to see if that works. When I ran the game, it still had all my saves but with the vanilla game. When I loaded a save at Vault 111, it loaded with vanilla Nate instead of the character I created. Worse comes to worse, I'll completely uninstall the MO and reinstall fresh to my game folder and make sure all the base directories are installed there. I don't work anymore so I have plenty of time.
  7. Ok. I just loaded the game and none of my mods were loaded. Do I need to move those files?
  8. I launched the game and after the start page, I let it run and it didn't load to the game start. That makes me wonder if I need to move the files, or there may be something else keeping it from loading.
  9. The main thing I'm concerned with is that launching the game from MO will detect my installed mods from the other drive. If it can't load them then I may have to move everything. I usually like to keep everything simple.
  10. I do have another question. I installed MO2 in my Fallout 4 games file, but all the data files go to another drive. Do I need to move those files to the game folder install? Game files on E; drive, but data on C: drive. Yeah, 61. Don't know many gamers around my area my age, so I guess I'm an oddity. I can't find tutorials online for the questions I have, so I have to figure everything out myself. Over the years I've forgotten so much about computers and files I used to know, so I've got a real learning curve for MO2.
  11. The files I had to add were all manual downloads from Nexus. An example would be nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17466. That was the first that gave me trouble.
  12. I figured it out. Had to go into the mods file and create new string <character name>F4SE>Plugins>F4EE>Presets><character name.json>. That added the file plus the empty .json file to load. The I deleted the empty .json and enabled the file I created, and it installed correctly. I'm new to MO2 and still learning, not bad for a 61 year old gamer.
  13. Trying to add face presets but keep getting "no game data on top level" error message. What other information does it need and how can I add it? Does it need a folder with meta.ini information added?
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