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Hallgarth's Additional (Vanilla) Hair by Hallgarth

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Hallgarth's Additional (Vanilla) Hair by Hallgarth



Mod does exactly what it says; adds a number of new hairstyles and beards to the game that fit perfectly within the vanilla style, giving a much greater degree of choice to just about every race/sex combination.  Just downloaded the other day, checked it out in game and I can't see it ever leaving my load order.  Works with hair retextures (SLFH).  I've been looking for something like this for quite some time, and I personally feel like it's a prime candidate for STEP - certainly for Extended, but with how seamless they are with vanilla hair I'd say Core.  Not that I have any dog in that race.


There are a couple issues with some of the meshes, but there are still a couple vanilla hairs with mesh issues, so not a detractor for me.


As a sidenote a fan of the mod has applied it to NPC's;


Hallgarth's Hair for NPC's by IndigoCrow


* a couple issues here, however; primarily that the author hasn't carried forward USLEEP fixes.  For some reason also flags a couple vampires with 'prey faction'...



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