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MO not recognizing SKSE folder


Hi there!


I am trying to get MO to work with SKSE but it doesn't seem to recognize the folder. Or, I should say, it just keeps cycling through all the folders without coming to something that it will accept (the .exe?)


What am I missing?



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    • By sheson
      DynDOLOD DLL for Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, Skyrim Anniversary Edition and Skyrim VR
      So far all versions of DynDOLOD use the SKSE plugin PapyrusUtil for the optional dynamic LOD in the game. Starting with version 2.45 there is now the alternative DynDOLOD DLL available.
      The current DLL version is 2.45. It works with dynamic LOD generated by DynDOLOD Standalone 2.45 and newer.
      Read the ..DynDOLOD\Docs\DynDOLOD_DLL.html included in DynDOLOD Standalone for an explanation about DynDOLOD DLL, installation instructions (overwrite papyrus scripts of DynDOLOD Resources) and how it works.
      If there are problems with it, check DynDOLOD_DLL.html and the DynDOLOD FAQ first before posting.
      If a DynDOLOD.DLL version is required for a game version that is not listed below, request it in this thread. First, search this thread if it has been requested already, though. The future will tell how long it takes to release updates.
      Typically a new DynDOLOD.DLL is required for each new game version, but not each new SKSE version. For example a DynDOLOD.DLL compiled with SKSE64 2.0.9 also works with SKSE64 2.0.10 for the same game version.
      Nexus Downloads for DynDOLOD 2.45 and higher
      DynDOLOD DLL for Skyrim
      DynDOLOD DLL SE for Skyrim Special Edition
      DynDOLOD DLL VR for Skyrim VR
      Mega Mirrors:
      DynDOLOD.DLL + Scripts for Skyrim 1.9.32 (overwrite the papyrus scripts included in DynDOLOD Resources)
      DynDOLOD Scripts for Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim VR (overwrite the papyrus scripts included in DynDOLOD Resources SE)
      DynDOLOD.DLL for Skyrim Special Edition 1.5.39
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      DynDOLOD.DLL for Skyrim Special Edition 1.6.318
      DynDOLOD.DLL for Skyrim Special Edition 1.6.323
      DynDOLOD.DLL for Skyrim VR 1.4.15
    • By PrimeNavigator
      I have OBSE installed in the Oblivion directory. In Mod Organizer, when I look under Load Mechanisms Script Extender does not appear. It seems to be working however when I load from MO no esp.s handled by MO are recognized. I've tried reinstalling etc. to no avail. Any thoughts?
      - Thanks

    • By Lt_Ballzacki
      >>System Specs:
      >>Screencap of Crash: 
      I have been working for nearly a month now modding skyrim and have had success with everything besides ENB. Approaching nearly 250 mods now I was having more and more stability problems and decided to look up some stability guides. After numerous attempts to get RealVision ENB working with no avail, I finally gave up on ENB altogether. According to the stability guide however, I needed ENBoost even without an ENB preset to limit CTD's. I had the same problem as I did when trying to install the preset--CTD before the Bethesda title screen. I have no idea why this is still happening. I followed the Skyrim Stability Install, tried the STEP install and got the same crash. 
      I have read through the entire FAQ's section, forum posts, contacted Skyrim Tuner, and worked with GamerPoets on YouTube, none of which could solve the problem.  Hopefully that is of some help as well. Any help is greatly appreciated!
      Correspondence with GamerPoets on Youtube:
           This is refering to RealVision ENB installation problems with the same crash but I figured they could be of some use as well. 
      Zackary Nicholson 1 week agoCTD. Solid...Reply Â· 1          Hide replies GamerPoets 1 week ago+Zackary Nicholson Solid?Reply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 1 week agoIdk why I got crash to start. I followed the tutorial and I tried it again with the instructions on the RealVision page with the same issue.Reply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 1 week agoAfter I launch SKSE, I just get a small Skyrim window and then it just crashes before even getting to the Bethesda screen like you would a load order CTD. Any ideas?Reply Â· 1          GamerPoets 1 week ago+Zackary Nicholson Are you using the RealVision installer like in the video? If so, go into your ENBLocal.ini. there is an occasional (with me all the time) "error" of sorts that changes the line "videomemorysizemb" to a number to high for the system. Make sure that the value is only the amount of Vram that you have for one graphics card... if not change it... Say you have 2 gigs... it should be 2048... also, the line "expandsystemmemoryx64=true" ... try setting it to false... this helps some people.Reply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 1 week agoThanks for the quick reply. I tried all combinations of that. I have 4 gb of vram and therefore set it to 4096 but I checked in dxdiag and it showed that I had only 4095. I tried both values with no avail. I also used some formula to calculate it on the nexus page (RAM + VRAM - 2048 ) but that didn't work either. This is all with ModOrganizer btw.Reply Â· 1          GamerPoets 1 week ago+Zackary Nicholson You definitely know what you're doing. RealVision doesn't have any way for mod conflicts either without an esp. Did you make sure to use the most recently mentioned enb series from the enb dev page? The one in this video is now out dated for RealVision. Now sure what the newest one is but its on the downloads section on his page im sure. I dont like that forumla. It widely used but I think its crap lol just my opinion, I know it probably works for everyone reading this comment but I dont like it. You can always set your Vram even lower.. make sure the reserved memory in the enblocal.ini is set to 512 since you are using skse. That's the same ( i believe) setting that shesons memory patch sets the memory blocks too. Maybe that will help? I've never have it just crash... is this the first ENB you are installing in your current setup? you also need direct x runtime for the enb to launch right. it will crash right when you launch the game without it. -Michael Reply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 1 week ago+GamerPoets Yup I have the corresponding enb binaries referenced on the enb page. I set my vram even lower (2048) and made sure the reserved memory was set to 512. I tried the memory patch. By the directx runtime do you just mean dx11 or end-user runtime. Regardless I have both. All of this and I still have the same result. This is the first enb install I have ever done. At this point I am just gonna try a clean install of Skyrim and trying going from there and see what happens.Reply Â·          Zackary Nicholson 1 week agoHere is a screencap of the crash if it helps: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzyKw-wGwnDvSU9CLUtTX3JNaFE&authuser=0Reply Â·          Zackary Nicholson 1 week agoAfter a clean install of skyrim, I got the game to boot. However ENB does not seem to be working even though it is checked in Mod Organizer. I do not have there version displayed in the top left and can't load the GUI.Reply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 1 week agoNvm same issue...Reply Â·          GamerPoets 1 week ago+Zackary Nicholson Do you mean in game when you push shift+enter that screen doesn't come up? ... well wait... I miss read piece I think.... if the version isn't displayed in the top left that means you don't have the actual enb series files in your skyrim folder... even if things are not installed properly you will see that message at the top left with the files in your skyrim folder... Check the realvision page (if this is the enb you are using) and check to see what version that latest release of Real Vision needs. You need the d3d9.dll and the enblauncher in your skyrim folder or it wont work. -Michael Reply Â· 1          GamerPoets 1 week ago+Zackary Nicholson since this video I believe skyrimtuner removed his personal enb series archive and you will need to go to the actual enb dev.com page... check out the vividian enb tutorial on my page if you don't know what I mean.. ignore everything except the enbseries section. -Michael Reply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 1 week agoThats what I did. I have the correct version from the enb page I am just getting the same crash every time.Reply Â·          GamerPoets 1 week ago+Zackary Nicholson Just to confirm, you do adjust the ini files in the Skyrim folder after running the installer right? Not in the mod organizer mod folder... The installer should move all required files into your Skyrim folder. However, I notice from that screen that you run a torrented version of Skyrim. Regardless or not if you paid for a Skyrim copy (I'm assuming you did), pirated versions are not always up to date, and may be the reason it is not working proper (did the installer work proper?). ENB needs to hack into TESV.exe, by lack of better explanation. Make sure it is fully up to date to the latest version. In Enblocal.ini in your Skyrim folder, make sure you have  expandsystemmemoryx64=false. Also, make sure you install SKSE and sheson's memory patch. Michael has a tutorial for that as well. I hope you can fix it. -Joe Reply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 1 week ago+GamerPoets Yes I do own a copy of Skyrim for PS3 I just wanted to try out modding it on PC. I ran the RealVision ini autoinstaller which asked me to select the skyrimprefs.ini in the ModOrganizer profiles folder. I believe ModOrganizer overwrites the skyrimprefs.ini with the one configured in my profile do I need to directly change it within my Skyrim folder or will the ModOrganizer profile work as well? I did try the sheson's patch already and set expandsystemmemoryx64 to false. I am booting with SKSE but will look into the tutorial. I'm guessing it's probably a version problem. Where would I find the version (in game) of Skyrim that is compatible with ENB? Reply Â·          Zackary Nicholson 1 week ago+GamerPoets I am currently running I am pretty sure this is the latest version. Could the pirated copy be the problem even if the version is right? I don't know exactly how cracking it works but maybe the cracked TESV.exe is the problem?Reply Â· 1          GamerPoets 1 week agoPirated versions of the game wont work with most modding software. Not just this stuff. -MichaelReply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 1 week ago+GamerPoets Alright good to know I haven't had any problems with it so far. It was just a test run. Guess I'm waiting for a steam sale then. Thanks for all your help regardless. I don't know many channels that would go that far out of their way to help a fellow modder. I'll let my friends know about your channel! Reply Â· 1          GamerPoets 1 week agoNot a problem man. =) Happy to help. Yeah, anything with an additional compents (tes5edit, wryebash, enb's, blah blah blah lol) wont work usually. If they do the work around may not be worth the trouble. We do our best to help everyone. We like to think of GamerPoets as a community more than it is a simple channel. Don't go telling people you have pirated stuff, they will block you lol. I know nothing... -MichaelReply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 5 days ago+GamerPoets So I got a legit version and still have the same crash issue :(Reply Â· 1          GamerPoets 5 days agoWell at least we are starting somewhere = ) ... So you have steam installed then? and you have skyrim installed to the steam folder? yes? ... you need to download and install direct x runtime. Then, make sure you use whatever the latest enbseries is on the real vision page (it wont be the same as the video, it upgrades all the time). Then you have to make sure the d3d9.dll and the enblauncher from that enbs series archive from the enb dev website is in the skyrim folder itself... right click the skyrim folder, make sure all security is set to allow full control. Go intro you enblocal.ini file in the skyrim folder after its installed and manually tune back the vram setting.. i bet you it is set at some crazy high number because the installer... make sure expandsystemmemory64 or whatever it is, is set to false. Make sure you check mark the realvision mod stuff in mod organizer or nexus mod manager, whatever you use. -Michael Reply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 5 days ago+GamerPoets Yes I did all that. Same crash.Reply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 5 days agoI just noticed that I didn't have a skse.ini, so I added one to mod organizer under my skse plugins mod with the configured values on the realvision page with no luck as well.Reply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 5 days agoI also tried installing FXAA post process injector (after uninstalling enb) and got the same crash if that helps you at all.Reply Â· 1          GamerPoets 3 days agoWith everything mentioned above, the game just shouldn't crash lol.. i laugh only because its baffling. What's the FXAA injector that you installed? Did the game work 100% before installing the ENB?  And did you make sure to take the enbseries stuff from the wrapper version and not the injector version? If so man I would contact skyrim tuner directly. There's really nothing else to it if you did all that stuff. You can also point him to the video and the comment here so he can check it out or if anyone helping maintain the mod would care to check it out. I'm a bit lost here. -Michael Reply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 3 days ago+GamerPoets Yes I made sure to run the realvision uninstaller and and went back into my skyrim folder to delete the enb files and the d3d9.dll + the enbhost.exe from the enb website. I ran the game through ModOrganizer after the uninstallation and made sure it was working again. I then tried to install the FXAA injector to see if that would work, as I read it was an alternative but that failed as well. I mentioned it because I figured they used some similar tools that might give you some insights to the root of the problem. Yes the enb files were from the Wrapper Version folder. Ya I was lost too as I am not completely retarded when it comes to computers and followed the instructions step by step numerous times with no luck. I contacted SkyrimTuner via the Nexus Forums. If there is a better way to get in touch with him please let me know. Reply Â· 1          GamerPoets 3 days agoNexus is the way to go. If you haven't heard back from him I would say next best bit (you will unfortunately have to tell them everything all over again... i would highly suggest not mentioning anything about previously having a game that wasn't purchased lol especially since you have one now and I dont want anyone to overlook the question because of it)... post it in the STEP forums. More than half of what I know has come from those guys. And they have a full out team dedicated to nothing but answering questions.  -Michael Reply Â· 1          GamerPoets 3 days agoIt seems like you are doing everything right man. If you do get answers I'd be happy to hear what caused it. I can't imagine its something major. It has to be something unbelievably tiny that I can't think of and that you may have overlooked..  -MichaelReply Â· 1          Zackary Nicholson 3 days ago+GamerPoets Ya I will try the STEP forums if I don't hear back from him. Thanks again for all the help regardless. I'll be sure to let you know if I ever figure out the issue.Reply Â· 1          GamerPoets 3 days agoNot a problem. You seem to know more about what to do right then most people who have asked help who I actually helped resolve things. It's truly freakin baffling me lol. You know your stuff. Don't feel at all that you don't. I guarantee its something stupid.  -MichaelReply Â· 1       
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