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  1. Thanks, again! I got the headphone thing working...well, just used my Bluetooth earbuds and it worked fine. :-) Now to figure out what to adjust to eliminate the little bit of stutter going on. And to let the creator of the Whiterun mod know that the cobblestones in front of the WR stables are not set to the ground! :-D
  2. Oh! Ok. :-) Where do I find race menu? Never changed my char before.
  3. Yes...that would help! The way that sentence in red reads, and the fact that it's at the top of the page, confuses. I found an obscure older thread where someone inserted this question and a super moderator gave her the answer you just gave me so I went ahead and installed. Working fine now :-) Thank you!
  4. Hi there, So, I finally made it through the setup and got into a new game! Yay me! (BTW, no idea why, but my new character came into the game with a helmet on! Unable to take it off during character creation phase. Weird.) Here are the issues with my audio: 1. I have to preset my volume on my computer up way high before entering the game as I have no ability, other than the in-game audio settings, to adjust the volume. Once in-game I can go in and fiddle with volumes. But that seems odd. 2. The audio only comes out of my speakers...I am completely unable to hear anything through my headphones! @-@ Roommate will dislike super much! Any hints as to these anomalies? Thanks!
  5. TechAngel! Thank you! So, what I am missing is the aMidianborn_ContentAddon.esp. However, on the instructions page it states in very bright red to NOT install the add on without using the Bashed Patch: Warning: The Bashed Patch must be used (instructions later in the Guide) when installing the Content Addon! Failing to do so will cause issues (e.g., naked NPCs). So...dilemma! Since the bashed patch doesn't come til after the compilation, and the compilation will not give me the extended patch without the add on installed how do I work around this? Thanks!!
  6. Hi, everyone! After two days meticulously going through the STEP guide and loading every mod offered (which I count as 230 plus FISS,) doing all the LOOT ,meta changes necessary, and running LOOT to make sure everything was in the correct order, I ran the compiler and got the message that I was not eligible for the extended patch. How in the world can this possibly be? I see a couple of plugins unchecked: CCO, RaceMenu plugin (which I opted out of and it seemed this was ok), aMidianborn Skyforge...(can't read the remainder of the title,) and SFO Dragonborn.esp. I thought these might have been unchecked because they were overwritten somewhere along the line and ticking them might cause a conflict. Am I incorrect? Do these all need to be ticked in order for the extended patch to be offered? Can't even begin to tell you how frustrated I am. Lots of time, meticulous attention to instruction, EVERY SINGLE FLIPPIN' MOD downloaded....and now this. Thanks for all help offered!
  7. Hi there! I am trying to get MO to work with SKSE but it doesn't seem to recognize the folder. Or, I should say, it just keeps cycling through all the folders without coming to something that it will accept (the .exe?) What am I missing? Thanks!
  8. Just a clarification needed: At the beginning of section 1.E. it states: "It is highly recommended that only the bare minimal tweaking be done here until after the Guide is installed and configured according to the Baselines provided." So, do we download and do all these things at this point, as a pre-installation step, or is this really something that needs to go at the bottom of the installation guide as a POST-installation step? Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi all, Working my way through the core installation. After loading the full install of AOS I tried installing and got the message regarding the fact that it may not be set up correctly. Has anyone else recently run into this? I do not see it referred to on the instructions. Thanks in advance! Lynn UPDATE: I installed this manually and it worked fine. The problem is trying to install with MO.
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