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STEP with Skyrim Special Edition?


I was happy to see a new version of STEP.  I played a few years ago using this mod.  I downloaded and installed Skyrim Special Edition - but it's not clear if I should even be using this version.  The mods downloaded from nexus don't even want to download unless i have the "non-special edition" installed.  


Should I go and uninstall Skyrim Special Edition and download the old version?  It's seems strange that only the only version is installed, as I imagined most PC users would have the Special Edition already

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The STEP Guide is not for the Special Edition of the game. Only the classic, Legendary version.


If you want a guide that is similar for Special Edition, I recently just released my personal guide, which will give you a fairly good vanilla-like style: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:TechAngel85/SSE_Guide

Thanks Akatosh.  Looks like a fairly comprehensive guide.  Is there any advantage of one over the other?  

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