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503(service unavailable)/504 Gateway timeout on STEP wiki has been haunting me for at least 6+ months.


I've used STEP 6 or so months ago, now i tried to use it again; the availability of the Wiki is very unstable and it seems like the servers are being overloaded(possibly DDOS'd?) all the time. I can't access the wiki in a stable way and i have to refresh every minute or so to try out another "Detailed Information" about a mod to see if the wiki is available again. It would be fine if all info was available on one page but this problem makes the guide unusable.


I keep getting 503 Service Unavailable, with or without cache errors/misses and 504 Gateway Timeouts(with an nginx message as footer).

The forum has always been fine and was always quickly loaded.



If this issue can't be resolved quickly, is there a way to download a version of the guide with all detailed mod installation information included? It would be very helpful :/

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