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CTD only when using ENB files


I am in the process of installing step, and I have gone through quite a bit of it tonight and I tried to launch the game but I get the Bethesda logo and then it crashes. I played around with this for a while thinking it couldn't be the mods or load order. I kept removing factors until one combination showed the ENB overlay at startup. So I figured maybe it was something with the graphics settings, maybe my .ini files, so I created fresh ini's and still had the issues.


Finally I removed the ENB files from my Skyrim directory. The ENBhost.exe the d3d9.dll and enblocal.ini + enbseries.ini. When these are removed from the directory the game launches fine through Mod Organizer and I can use scripts etc. But if I add them back I get the CTD's again. Thus far I have tried setting back up the Nvidia settings for the game, and recreating the Skyrim.ini/skyrimprefs.ini with no luck. It has to be the enb interactign with one of these ini files but I cannot for the life of me figure out which one it is or which value to change. 


I do not have alot of experience with this or with step at all so I am reaching out hoping someone can help me out. I really appreciate it. Thanks in advance


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You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you so much! It worked!Though I now have somethign across the top in red that says something is enabled in the enb ini file and that graphic modification is disabled. Do i need to change that?

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