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FNV - Weird ENB (only) mesh/LOD? issue.


I uploaded a video showing the problem....


Restarting the game does nothing and the issue only happens when I go past the water tank (leaving GoodSprings) to head out to the rest of the game world (things are fine if I stay around Doc's house and the Saloon). About 21 seconds into the video you will see a "flash" and then the floating water tank/tumbleweeds/random bushes... When you approach their actual position in the game they stay where they are suppose to be and then a new set of objects begin to "float". 

If I go into the ENB options, turn off "Use Effect" (which is essentially turning off the ENB) it goes away. 


Not sure that it's a LOD issue as the models are their full resolution versions. But I couldn't guess anything else. 


Thoughts? (no, getting rid of ENB is not a solution lol, thanks). Pretty lost here. 


Edit: Does NOT happen everywhere. Just a large chunk of the game (so far) starting at the back end of Goodsprings and heading in the direction of Primm (more to the right where the mountains are)


Edit 2: The more I check around it becomes apparent that its only a large/compact group of cells. once I get beyond a certain point the only time I see them is when I look back in that direction. Maybe a cell is corrupt and ENB is exposing it somehow? I don't know.


Edit 3: So it's not really a "floating" issue. What's going on, I keep looking at it lol, is that the objects are where they need to be, but for whatever reason, other objects/land doesn't block them from view. They overlap anything and everything that should be in front of them. The objects are exactly where they need to be but they aren't being hidden by what is infront of them. 




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I need a kick in the butt... for reasons unknown to me my launcher reset to it's default settings (haven't opened the thing since I set this all up) and AA and AF were back on (had turned the off previously).. but.. now with those off.. all is good LOL.. thanks for reading =)


Edit: I've been doing some crazy "things" with BethINI lately to prepare for the tutorial/guide I'm working on for it. I'm guessing somewhere along the lines I deleted the wrong files or reset something... aww well.. back to normal

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