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TES5Edit: How to filter masters out when searching for mod conflicts?


I want to see where mods conflict with other mods. I don't want to see where mods conflict with masters.


More precisely, I don't want the conflict list cluttered with conflicts of mods with Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp, Dawnguard.esm, Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp, HeartFires.esm, Unofficial Heartfire Patch.esp, Dragonborn.esm and Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp . I only want to see the conflicts between the regular mods.


I can't find out how to do it.


This page


claims that "The Master/Plugin Selection view [---] allows you to select/un-select the mods that you want XEdit to load." That is not true. No matter what I uncheck, all the plugins are loaded.


I haven't found a way to remove plugins from the left pane.


When I right-click on the left pane and choose "Apply Filter", I am only seeing numerous choices of what kind of conflicts to look for. I can't see a way to exclude one or another plugin.


I couldn't find any solutions by web search.


How can I make TES5Edit exclude certain plugins when searching for mod conflicts?

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Not sure what steps you are taking during the plugin selection phase but I can assure you that whatever plugins you check in the initial selection are the only plugins loaded into xEdit during that session, with one proviso.

When you load xEdit there is the 'Master/Plugin Selection' dialogue box with all the currently installed plugins listed, those currently active in your load order are checked and those unchecked are not active.

However, ANY plugin that is needed as a master of any selected plugin will also be loaded into the session. This is necessary to allow correct editing of the records for that plugin.


So in your scenario regardless of what plugins you select, it is more than likely that the game's DLC masters will also be loaded, that is normal. Any mod that uses any of the Unofficial plugins as a master will also load those.

If all you are interested in doing is seeing which plugins conflict with other plugins then using xEdit in the default view will be the easiest method.

Select a plugin and expand it's tree to a specific record and the right-hand pane will show all the plugins that also reference that record with the furthest right plugin being the conflict winner.

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