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Wrye Bash 307.20160292158 Error


Hi there, I tried making bashed patch and got this error when it finished.




what's the error means?


and here is the merge list for the plugin in case it is needed.


Lock Overhaul.esp

YOT - Your Own Thoughts.esp




Extended UI.esp

YOT - Frostfall Module 3.0.esp

YOT - iNeed.esp

YOT - Moonlight Tales Essentials.esp

YOT - Wearable Lanterns.esp

YOT - Art of the Catch.esp

YOT - Hunterborn.esp










Predator Vision.esp





Snotgurg Equipment HUD.esp

DYNAVISION Dynamic Depth of Field.esp


PC Head Tracking - MCM.esp

PC Head Tracking - Patch.esp






Thank you

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Use the latest version, second post https://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1612572-wrye-bash-thread-112/

If won't help, then simply don't load that plugin (deactivate) when building bashed patch.

Okay I'll try the new version.


Well about the errors I think when I opened bashed patch on xEdit I saw the errors and I think I fixed it by just forwarding the correct records to replace the broken one. Or yeah I just don't load that plugin. Thank Zilav.

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