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Undo Overwrite "Create mod" function?



I recently started a new game of Skyrim and have been having difficulties with some of my mods, while troubleshooting one of these problems, it was suggested to me that I should use the "Create mod" function on the Overwrite file, however I have now run into a problem, as I have since deactivated some of the mods that the overwrite was effecting and created from. When attempting to deactivate the overwrite mod, I now receive countless errors in my load order because somehow the overwrite mod contains several ".esm" files that mods are dependent on. Is there some way to undo the "Create mod" function and return the files to their original locations?

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It sounds like you have created a mod from 'Overwrite' that is comprised of files from many mods.

As the MO wiki describes the 'Overwrite' should be kept clear which means the contents need to be handled immediately after they appear.


*.ESMs are more than likely the result of your cleaning them, if that is the case you could manually create folders in the MO > Mods folder and move them into the corresponding folders.

If these files are not the result of that process you will need to determine where each file needs to go and then move them manually.


If you post the contents of 'Overwrite' here we may be able to assist you.

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