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If I understood the merge process correctly then the output esp from merged plugins standalone tool should not use any input eps as master. Last night I reached the merge file section of Skyrim Revisited. When following the procedure of merging all the contained Bathing in Skyrim esps I noticed that the "Bathing in Skyrim.esp" has occurred as master in the merged output esp. Because this can not work I manually deleted this master tag from the esp with the help of TES5Edit. By starting a test game I have confirmed that bathing works, but it should not go this way. I remember last year when I set up a Skyrim Revisited based mod structure that this issue hadn't occurred.

So what could be my mistake?

Thanks for your answers



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Well, my issue is back. And I wonder why we have to differ so significantly from that what Neovalen is writing. We have the same tools the same versions and do exactly the same what he is writing. How can it be that merge plugins standalone adds a master reference to a file which will be merged and will not exist anymore after the merge process???!!!


What leads to this type of error?

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