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  1. Thank you for your response!! IF I can get away without using the Global Priority stuff, then that's wonderful. Thank you!!
  2. When I run the latest Loot, it states that Relighting Skyrim "requires Main: Global Priority: 30", but there's no way to add it in. Should I just ignore it? I have NO idea what Global Priority: 30 is in relation to, and the S.T.E.P. 2.10.0. instructions don't indicate that either, as to what it's being ranked against. Unless I missed something obvious (which wouldn't be the first time...drat).
  3. The last couple of LOOT versions do not have any way to edit the Main column under a mod. LOOT requires Relighting Skyrim to have a "Global Priority: 30". However, there's NO way to add that under the Main category. Please advise either how to add this, OR how to get around it, as there is at least one other mod with an associated Global Priority. Thank you! Allen
  4. Installed WryeBash 307, Beta 5.1. When i try to run it in MO (not MO2!, I still use MO for Skyrim LE), I get "Error failed to inject dll into "WryeBash.exe": failed to access thread context. Please note that Mod Organizer does not support 64bit binaries! (The parameter is incorrect.[87]). Please advise how to correct his in Version 307, or advise which version of WryeBash to use. I backed up two versions, to WryeBash 306, which had worked PERFECTLY before, a couple of years ago, and now also generates the same error, even after a clean uninstall of 307 versions. Thank you! Allen
  5. Thank you! Well, THAT was a surprise. Removing the old logs (which apparently had not updated since November 25, for some reason) resolved the issues! CK's working just fine, now! Here's the most recent ModOrganizer_18_03_03_01_57.log, if you're interested: Well, the Forum won't let me post my logfile. I get an error stating "post took too long" after about 3 seconds. Tried it twice. If you still want to see the log (which apparently is humongous (288kb), let me know. And, Grant, thank you again, as usual...even though it's been a year or more since I ran into anything for here. Allen
  6. mo_interface.log Most Recent ModOrganizer_1_17_11_25_19_32.log (there are also _1, _2, _3, and _4 logs dated 11/25/17...do you want those? Or will this one log do? They're all five the same size - 69kb).
  7. Please tell me which logs you wish me to post. Do you want my "EditorPapyrus.*.log" files? Or my ModOrganizer*.log files? Or both? IF CK generates logs, I don't know where they are, please tell me where to find them, if they exist.
  8. I apologize, I must not have been clear. Mod Organizer runs perfectly. BUT, running Creation Kit from within MO as a "helper" application does not. CK stopped seeing the Mods that MO sees just fine. Now, for whatever reason, CK only shows Skyrim, Update, and the DLC's. But none of my mods show up. MO is not the problem. CK running inside MO is the problem. Thank you!! Allen
  9. I have been using Creation Kit (CK) as a helper application underneath Mod Organizer in Skyrim Legacy (Oldrim) for the past 4 years. I use CK to recreate NavMeshes when I merge "Location - Houses" files. Two days ago, CK lost track of my entire Mods list. When I open CK, it now only shows Skyrim, its updates, and DLC's. I googled this problem, and went to the top-listed "topic" returned from the Google search. I was immediately hit with the "Ransomeware" virus. Thank god for Norton Internet Security, although I had to totally reinstall Firefox. So, I came here for assistance. Please tell me how to get CK to "see" my entire mods list. Thank you!! Allen P.S. I wasn't sure whether this was "General" or "Mod Organizer" related, so I've put it in "General."
  10. UGH! Never mind...I closed everything, restarted everything, and my mod list repopulated just like it was supposed to. THANK YOU for your patience...I have NO idea how that folder got corrupted. I set MergePlugins in again, and through MO just successfully created that 13-file merge. I'm outta here, but thank you for developing Merge Plugins in the first place, it's saved my bacon a lot of times, and allows me to play Skyrim the way I wish to play it!! Allen
  11. What I was asking up above is, I open Merge Plugins in MO. Then I create a new profile. For the path, do I link only to Skyrim, or to Skyrim/Mod Organizer/, or to Skyrim/Mod Organizer/mods? I just need to be able to see all of the mods that I've added to Skyrim so I may merge the last 13 of 'em. Thank you! Allen
  12. Well, in perhaps this ONE instance, I wasn't as dumb as I look. I made a backup of the MO Profiles before I deleted it. So, it's back now. I then deleted the MergePlugins profiles folder. I then started MergePlugins, and selected only Skyrim and Update and it worked fine!! So it MUST have gotten corrupted somehow... So is there anything else i need to do with Merge Plugins before I again attempt to access it from withing Mod Organizer? Also, I checked in MO, and when I tried to "Run" Merge Plugins, it no longer sees my aba42 profile, which is where I have all my installed mods. So how do I now get MergePlugins to recognize my ABA42 profile inside MO? Thank you!! Allen P.S. I ran "Verify File Access" and the message says "Merge Plugins as the required system file access permissions."
  13. I just received a message from AshestoAsherz (a modder on Skyrim) who says that my issues MAY be related to the latest Win10Pro Update!! Figures, those Mothers can NEVER leave well-enough alone. Let me go uninstall that puppy and try all this stuff again! Gheesh!
  14. Well, rightly or wrongly, I deleted my profiles folder and now Mod Organizer will not start, giving me this error: "failed to create D:/Skyrim/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Mod Organizer/profiles/ABA42/modlist.txt". Even so, I opened Windows Explorer and attemted to start Mod Organizer with only Skyrim and Update checked. I got the same error in the same place. Suggestions? P.S. I also COMPLETELY uninstalled both Norton Utilities and MalwareBytes. Didn't change a thing. P.P.S. And I've double-checked that I have removed "read only" access from all Skyrim files and from my C:\Users\profile, and double-checked that I have Full Permissions to do anything on this PC. It's Win10Pro.
  15. After I generate the first error, if I select <OK> on it, I get a second error: "Access violation at address 0091b78F in module 'MergePlugins.exe'. Read of address 00000000." BUT, Merge Plugins opens (grayed out) behind it. In the window are the following lines: These first 7 lines are in green; the last four lines are in red: [00:00:00] (GENERAL) Status: ProgramVersion: [00:00:00] (GENERAL) Status: TES5 Ductuibart GasgL $8914D9A3 [00:00:00] (GENERAL) Game: Using Skyrim [00:00:00] (GENERAL) Path: Using D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\ [00:00:00] (GENERAL) Dictionary: Using TES5Dictionary.txt [00:00:00] (GENERAL) Definitions: Using TES5Edit Definitions [00:00:00] (GENERAL) Load Order: Using D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Mod Organizer\profiles\ABA42\: [00:02:45] (ERROR): Load: Access violation at address 0069F365 in module 'MergePlugins.exe'. Read of address 00000000 [00:02:45] (ERROR): Load: There was an exception initializing the application [00:02:45] (ERROR): Load: Review your log messages to resolve the issue [00:02:45] (ERROR): Load: You can also change the program's settings, if necessary. As I said, there are no log messages in Merge Plugins. The log message from the most recent Mod Organizer log is listed above. Hope that helps? I deleted the profiles window, created a new folder and named it profiles and added my profiles back in (otherwise, how would I populate them? Or, does MO do that automatically? I don't know how these things work. I started MergePlugins.exe outside MO, only selected Skyrim and Update and got the same error. Okay, I'll assume it's a permissions error and try to pursue that farther. Thank you!! Allen
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