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  1. Haha. Came back to Skyrim last month and began with installing SRLE. Same issue. But: After setting the language in the ASIS ini from English to German it disappeared (this time in Whiterun with the smith Adrienne) . I think this should be mentioned in the guide as a lot non English players use a mix of Skyrim in their native language plus pure English mods and available translations if available.
  2. Crash fixes displayed the latter message. The last file mentioned file is from immersive creatures (throwingstoneprojectile01.nif). What shall I do? Just reinstall immersive creatures? Just delete this file? Repair? If so: How?
  3. When merging "No snow unter the roof" plugins "Prometheus_No_snow_Under_the_roof.esp" is merged into "NSUTR -Merged.esp" and the former plugin is deactivated. But "Spice of Life" plugins have "Prometheus_No_snow_Under_the_roof.esp" as master. How to fix this? Editing the master header of the "Spice of life" plugins via TES5Edit?
  4. Well, my issue is back. And I wonder why we have to differ so significantly from that what Neovalen is writing. We have the same tools the same versions and do exactly the same what he is writing. How can it be that merge plugins standalone adds a master reference to a file which will be merged and will not exist anymore after the merge process???!!! What leads to this type of error?
  5. Sorry, I just found my thread from last year. I had this problem before... :( I'll try the tips from this thread...
  6. Hi! If I understood the merge process correctly then the output esp from merged plugins standalone tool should not use any input eps as master. Last night I reached the merge file section of Skyrim Revisited. When following the procedure of merging all the contained Bathing in Skyrim esps I noticed that the "Bathing in Skyrim.esp" has occurred as master in the merged output esp. Because this can not work I manually deleted this master tag from the esp with the help of TES5Edit. By starting a test game I have confirmed that bathing works, but it should not go this way. I remember last year when I set up a Skyrim Revisited based mod structure that this issue hadn't occurred. So what could be my mistake? Thanks for your answers gtoeroe
  7. Ha! I rembered what Neovalen to a same post said: Localization problem. So I went to ASIS mod folder and discovered an ini file. In within you can set the language: Englsish was set and I changed it to "German" and run SUM patcher again. Result: I can speak to all NPCs which previously made problems. So it could be a good advice to use the correct language in ASIS ini file. gtoeroe
  8. Hi! Since yesterday evening I started two new games with the SRLE. The first one I started in The Giant Inn the second in Solitude. I noticed that in the first one I couldn't speak to Delphine. Not even her name was shown up when I was standing close enough to her. The same I observed with Angeline from Angeline Aromatics (plus a lot other NPCs). In both cases I observed missing FULL NAME and NAME entry in ASIS.esp. Overriding them in TES5Edit with the corresponding records from update.esm let them again behave normally as expected in game. Because there are a lot NPC records in ASIS I wonder how I can avoid to have to manually do the same with them? gtoeroe
  9. gtoeroe

    Mods on top SRLE

    Ok, I will focus extra Attention towards Lock Overhaul (you know that there are no only one out there). Thanks for the remark. Not only the armor but also the enchants which came along with BLack Sacrament Armor we (my Kids and me). Why do you think I don't need 83Willows with SRLE. IIRC there were earlier Versions of SR which contained it. And I love the extra critter and powerful poitions I can make with some butterflies. gtoeroe
  10. gtoeroe

    Mods on top SRLE

    Thanks for your reply. I also had the Impression the the Vila, Cerwiden und race mods don't inflict serious problems. And of course I will only use on type of Body tatoo overlay from Sakura for the Lunari race. Thank you for providing the world edit link. gtoeroe
  11. First of all: Many, many thanks for this awesome work! I finished this morning (Berlin Time) a fresh install and except the "Delphine No Dialog glitch" which I could fix it works well. The guide is written very well. What would also be fine to have place where to put the optimzed textures of single mods to save Installation time. If folks now start to put further mods on top it would be fine to have a place to Report about it (which mods work, how they made a special mod working and which mods are a "no go"). gtoere
  12. gtoeroe

    Mods on top SRLE

    Hi! Below you see a mod list which I plan to install on top SRLE. My questions: 1) Are their any mods which are a "no go" due to serious compatibillity issues? 2) Is there any advice you can give to to all or single mods to reduce problems? Thanks in advance. gtoeroe Breezehome Fully Upgradable Dawnguard and Hearthfires v1_7_6-11158-1-7-6.zip ELFX 2.0 BFU Compatibility Patch-11158-2-0.zip JK's Skyrim all in one.-61035-2.rar Enhanced Mighty Dragons v.2.4.7z 83Willows 101BUGs V4_1 HighResolution-4955-4-1.7z SXP translation file for German-40899-2-2-2.zip SXP main-40899-2-2-2.zip Achieve That-30212-2-3-1.rar Achieve That - deutsch - v2-3-1-30370-2-3-1.rar Deadly Combat v4_01-5485-4-01.zip Lock Overhaul-29979-1-2.rar MomoDash v1_1 with effect from Opticshooter-11447.rar Feminine Running Animation v1-1 BBP-11447-1-1.7z Momo Acrobatic Jump v1-8-16864-1-8.7z FNIS PCEA2 1.1-71055-1-1.7z 1_ViljaVer4_01Full-26393-4-01.7z ViljaTinyChristmasAddonNew DV 1_0-29901-1-0.rar ViljaInSolstheim DV 2_0-29901-2-0.rar Vilja spricht Deutsch-29901-.rar ViljaInSkyrim DV 3_02-29901-3-02.rar ViljaTinyChristmasAddonNewVer-26393-1-0.7z ViljaInSolstheimAddOn_Ver2-26393-2.7z HearthfireKidsMovingFix-26393-.7z Cerwiden Companion - Essential Version - BSA-20787-1-7-1.7z Cerwiden DV 1_7_1-34262-1-7-1.rar Temptress Race for RaceCompatibility Mod-18717-.7z temptress Complete v1_3-18717-1-3.rar Lunari Race V1.70 NMM Installer-21602-1-70.7z CBBE for Lunari-19622-.rar UNP HiRes for Lunari-19622-.rar The Ningheim Race NMM Installer-35474-1-1.rar The Ningheim Race - Followers 1_1-35474-1-1FollwrB.7z RaceCompatibility All-in-One NMM installer-24168-1-96.7z Luxus Suite der Badenden Schoenheiten v5_1 - deutsch-17949-5-1.rar A Classier BB Luxury Suite V5-2 Full 2k Res-19866-5-2.7z Christmas at BBLS v2-1-19866-2-1.7z Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite 5-1-11427-5-1.zip Apachii Hair for Suite Residents 5-1-11427-.zip BBLS HearthFire Housecarls Move In --11427-.7z Back deck pool cleaner-11427-.7z SEQ Files for BBLS 5-1-11427-.zip Black Sacrament Armor V4-1 - High Def-5696-4-1.7z Deadly Dragons Armory-16474-4-4-0.7z Deadly Dragons Armory Hotfix-16474-4-4-0.zip Isilmeriel_LOTR_weapons_retextures_1dot4-29730-1-4.7z ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5-10168-1-5.7z Merida Hair-52516-2-12-15.7z HHairstyles v1_1_2-60730-1-1-2.7z ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full-10168-1-6-Full.7z HDT Female Hairstyles v1.1-57179-v1-1.rar ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_2-10168-1-2.7z
  13. Now I let the Delphine record in ASIS.esp alive. Instead I have copied some records from syrim.esm to ASIS, which were not identical to the coressponding ASIS record (IMHO all minor not important things) and LOOK: I CAN SPEAK TO DELPHINE. How can this be?! Anyway, it seems that this is my work around... gtoeroe
  14. Right now I opened TES5Edit and removed Delphine's record from ASIS. Now I can speak to her again. Points this still to a localization Problem? gtoeroe I'm a German. As I play it with my Kids (7 & 9), too, I can't switch to English language. What now?
  15. I just installed skyrim and SRLE from the scratch. I followed exactly the SRLE guide (only skipped textures optimizations). Same glitch again: No Dialog with Delphine is possible. Now I'm just removed ASIS.esp from the load order and I could speak to Delphine. What's now? gtoeroe
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