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Expedition to Atmora (EtA) goes in final stage ...

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Hello mates and fans of Skyrim!

i just would like to let you know, we are in the final months of developing the upcomming mod

"Expedition to Atmora".


This would be your final chance to add some small things and make it richer in terms of content, if you like to mod skyrim.


we welcome you to have a look:




yours sincerely, 

Hannes821 (Hanor on steam)


NEXUS LINK: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68189/?






Before i forget: its an arctic survival mod with new lands, and stays as immersive and lorefriendly as any possible. 

Also, it has ties to the main story of skyrim and the DLCs... 
It deals with the place of origin of man, and so there is much awaiting the player yet undiscovered...

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I've been poking in and out of this mod page for awhile and was quite interested.

I'll give it a peek when it comes out. I like other mods taking on the other lands and doing some interesting things with them.

EDIT: I would hold off a little bit for DynDoLOD to get a rule, if needed.

EDIT2: Never mind, I looked at the archive and its already setup :P

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