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ENB on Windows 10 not working AFTER installing DX9 runtimes.




Having massive problems getting ENB working. I've ran through the STEP guide several times in the past, but this is the first time on Windows 10. I learned about the crashing errors people experienced with the Wrapper version of ENB. I know that downloading the DX9 runtimes SHOULD fix the problem, but they do not. Adding d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll do not work either.


Additionally, trying the Injector version, bearing in mind to open it each time before launching skse, does not work. I do not receive the colored text in the upper left that indicates ENB is running.

Would someone be able to help me figure out what could possible be going on? The problem is for sure isolated to the presence of d3d9, and again, the correct runtimes were installed.


nVidia drivers are current, althoug I wouldn't mind rolling back to a known working driver. 


Any fix for the Wrapper or Injector versions would be appreciated, 

Thank you.

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Did you just download the DX9 runtime, or did you install them? The first .exe will have you extract the files to a folder of your choosing. Then in that folder you need to run DXSetup.exe.


Edit: You also need to remove those DX11 files you added, dxgi and d3d11. Adding those will cause crashes on Win 10, not fix them.

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I've tried installing (not just downloading) the June 2010 Runtime, as well as the SDK, with no success. On the Injector version, I am unable to use ReduceSystemMemoryUsage, as it yields the ENBhost.exe error. This is what I believe the root of my crash problems are.

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