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Need Help/Advice Creating a Personal Pack

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So, I'm new to the STEP process, but not necessarily new to modding Skyrim. I've followed the STEP:Extended process and succesfully tested it (benchmarked at an average of 59.2 fps), and I will be installing the Realvision ENB tonight.


I want to add a few mods (not necessarily in the following order) that I find enjoyable, but that I haven't seen in the listed Packs (or at least, not together):



-Uncapped Perks

-Pumping Iron

-Dance of Death


-Equipping Overhaul

-Get Snowy


-Immersive Weapons

-Immersive Patrols

-Better Vampires

-Royal Bloodlines

-Realistic Needs

-Dynamic Things

-Imperial Legion Armor Variety

-Stormcloak Armor Variety

-Civil War Overhaul

-Cloaks of Skyrim

-Winter is Coming

-Run for your lives

-Skyrim Immersive Creatures

-Organized Bandits (OBIS)

-Helgen Reborn


I assume the first step is to Copy the STEP:Extended profile (MO) and create a new profile which I'd name Demigod (the thinking is that the perk/skill extensions in SPERG, better vampires, and Uncapped Perks, coupled with the added combat and training opportunities would allow your character to become pretty nasty relatively quickly). .


So here's where I need some help. Once the core is copied and the ENB is stable and tested. My thinking is that I:


-install the above mods


-Follow the Wyre Bash instructions to patch the new leveling lists etc


-Rerun Dynamic LOD



Is there a method that i can tell which core mods need reinstalling? Is there a step I'm missing? Do I install one at a time (and do the whole above process each time), do groups (4 at a time, then run process), or the whole sha-bang? 


Finally, is there a method over installing order I should know about to reduce conflicts? (e.g. if immersive creatures overwrites the new meshes from the STEP:EX install)




Sorry if there is a similar topic to this, I'm at work and not exactly in the position to do a thorough search.


To those that want to pass judgement on the content of my mod selection: I don't care what you think. Real life has plenty challenge for me, I want my own personal world where I don't need to be stressed.



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Lucky for me, its been a slow day. I noticed some guides showing general practice for installing non-STEP mods. Additionally, I figure I can use the SRLE pack as a framework and install the mods I want (or close analogs).


If anyone would still be interested in a slightly more OP pack than normal, I could always post my mod list then. Having a few extra testers to iron out conflicts would certainly be helpful :)

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Might want to check out Dreadflopps packs, patches, and install;




or SRLE Extended;




SRLE Extended is a seperate guide from STEP, full of goodness and covering most of what you're looking for, though it does add even more that you may or may not want.  Dreadflopps patches support STEP: Core, Extended, and SRLE in combination with any or all of his packs, and allow for a more modular, customizable setup.


Just to note, I've played with most of the major perk overhauls in the past, and Ordinator is by far the best if you ask me, in addition to be updated and current, and created by the same guy who makes Wildcat (Enai Siaion) which I've only played with for a bit, but so far am liking better than any other combat mod I've tried, especially in concert with Vigor.  This is the setup used by SRLE Extended, and which Dreadflopp will I believe be converting to soon.

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Good stuff. I was checking out SLRE and liked much of what I saw, but there's a lot of stuff I'm not as enthusiastic for. 


So my follow up question, If I download only certain mods, install them in the same order as the packs recommend, and install relevant patches, will I be okay? Or will my game explode?

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If you're talking about Dreadflopps packs, yeah, you do not need to use every mod he does in his packs.  However, you will wind up having to download and merge all of his modular patches that are relevant to your setup using Merge Plugins... the documentation is all there and its not anywhere near as hard as it can seem from a distance, but it is a little more work.  Significantly less though than trying to do your own Conflict Resolution for a custom SRLE/Extended setup.

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As for SRLE / Extended, you can again use Dreadflopps' Modular Patches to create a custom Conflict Resolution patch that will resolve conflicts between STEP Core/Extended, SRLE, and his packs (which cover significant portions of SRLE Extended).  Any mods you add outside of that will likely need some kind of conflict resolution to work correctly with the rest of your Load Order.  Beware, there can be a lot of issues with large mod lists, and these packs/guides are truly curated, tested, and continually maintained to ensure stability and compatibility - it's absolutely possible to add stuff on top, but bare minimum you should be opening any other mod in TESVEdit and checking out what records it's changing, what conflicts it has with your LO and so on.  

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