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Elevation Required



I have installed SKSE according to STEP, and when trying to run SKSE through MO, I get this warning messaged - Elevation Required. It goes on to explain that it is a potentially serious security risk and to be sure if I want to do it.


I selected to go through with it and then my anti-virus detected a security threat and deleted the MO app from my computer. I had to reinstall the app all over again.


Why can I not just run SKSE through MO? I am not sure what the problem is.

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You'll run into permissions issues if you have Skyrim and/or Mod Organizer installed in a UAC-controlled folder like Program Files or Program Files (x86). The recommended solution is to use Steam to move Skyrim into another folder that isn't locked down by Windows -- something like C:\Games generally works well. Of course, you'll need to move all of your tools (like Mod Organizer and LOOT) out of Program Files into and into something like C:\Games as well.


You may need to add Mod Organizer as an exclusion to your antivirus software as well.

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