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I have some limited experience modding Oblivion/Skyrim, but am new to Fallout series, just bought FNV & am following the step guide.


After installing the 'game tweak' section of mods near the beginning, I used the Merge Plugin standalone to create the merged mod, but when I go to the next step to use FNV edit to generate the bashed tags, I get an error:


"Cannot Open file "C:\Programs\Fallout New Vegas\Steamapps\Common\Fallout New Vegas\Edit Scripts\mteFunctions.pas".  The system cannot find the file specified."


I reinstalled FNV edit per the step instructions, but still same result.


Any help appreciated,


Resounding duh for me, reviewed my steps, and hadn't extracted the Tes5Edit folder into the proper Edit Scripts folder.  Issue is resolved, sorry to trouble everyone.

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