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aMidianBorn Fur Armor


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still writing here.... even if i thought i'd never do it again .

i did not appreciate unequal treatment of some people involved in the same silly discussion...as usual is punished who shots the bullet but not who loads the guns :/ .... anyway....since i never came here just to announce a new release ,since i think this project still valid and useful and the forum used by smart people able to think properly....looks like i'm still here...

let's close this chapter here please.


well EisDrache i'm glad u like my works...and honestly i do not know if my textures are the best ...i know that my works are the first choice of any screenarcer i see, know that ppl like my works above any other when it comes to armored stuff, know that i had such results in just 6 months without even riding the "just released game" wave like other ppl did, know that i'm releasing a couple of mods each month... this makes me think that if i want to spend kinda 3-4-6 months for a single texture it could be really impressive,not a bit better....somebody want to see what i can do working on a single armor for half a year? i guess nobody wants... for various reason :D


above all i know that i have a huge group of friends...i share my work with them...i have opinions advices ideas test and stuff from them.

lots and i mean lots of ppl agree with u...number talks ...and clearly i can only be happy.


now...the fur texture (thanks for the discussion and the link mothergoose)...has been i think my easiest job so far ...texture was "already there" i just had to overlay a couple of channels from the normal above a cavity map and retexture was already there....just the time to add details and paint a fur(...which is always the most time devouring part) and the job was done....i'm not the only one using such methods....there's even ppl who knows JUST this method.


i think results are pretty good...work is balanced,detailed,optimized...clearly if i did not make it in 15 hours but in 3 months it would be better.... but not a bit better... kinda a LOT better....some tend to forget such details.


as i answerd on nexus couple of days ago i'm trying to give a good...enjoyable...playable product in short time...i do not need to make EPIC retextures...oh well i can.... but prefer to use my time/energy in other things....i'm doing justsomething that ppl may actually USE....i do not need to be considered the BEST on nexus to keep my ego alive ...sharing a couple of mods with friends is more than enough :D


current works: ancient nord set:ready for release ,needs test and a mesh fix for the terible little skirt of male variant ....thinking to retex also the terificant draugr armor (terrificant because it's ugly not because it scares me or anybody :P )

orcish set: is complete i'm triying just to replace that insignificant pattern on legs and arms with metal scales.

weapons: completed iron steel and dwarven partially ,when elven will be ready i'll throw anything in the book.

armor again :glass and scaled are ready for actual texturing... i just did base shading and some features.

some work done on dragon things and daedric....but nothing particularry complete so far.

and clearly some remakes...i'm very happy about steelplate remake...is exactly what i was looking for...


should be all ....hell...this is a big post :P



well ....nice to meet u all again.... have the nicest day

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Welcome back CaBal, I'm glad you haven't abandoned all hope of this forum/project. Personally I think your work is fantastic, and as you suggested, the childish bickering about who's "best" needs to stop; it's not productive in the slightest. Also nice to have a little insight into your workflow and I definitely look forward to your future releases. You and the other dedicated texture artists have really brought Skyrim out of the console's RAM-deficient realm and into the PC space. Keep up the amazing work and I hope you decide to stick around and post whenever you're able.

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Thanks for all your work Cabal. Your collection is the most complete and among the highest quality on the nexus which is why I use it exclusively for my armor retextures :).


What mothergoose729 said. Great work Cabal.


Skickat från min HTC One X via Tapatalk 2

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