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Awful shadows after tweaking my inis for better performance



Hi there.


So I am trying to get an ENB that suits me about performance and visuals. I am taking comparison SS atm to post it on Flickr soon, to share that (I'll make a post on the forum whe I have enough SS !)


While dealing with all this, I thought that to gain performance I could tweak my shadows. I change my ShadowMapResolution to 1024 and I think it is that tweak that make so horrible shadows in my game, in particular on my character face, see SS, yeurk : https://imgur.com/7EqlmH9 

(that one is with Snapdragon ENB, but in action and Vanilla it is THE WORST, hope you understand what I am talking about)


Can I make this less horrible without losing performance ? Have you an idea on how to tweak my shadows better ?


Here my settings about shadows (tell me if I forgot something) :


iShadowMapResolutionPrimary = 1024


iBlurDeferredShadowMask =5
fInteriorShadowDistance =3000.0000
fShadowDistance =3000.0000
iShadowMapResolutionSecondary = 4096
iShadowMapResolutionPrimary = 4096
iShadowSplitCount = 2
iShadowMode =4
bShadowMaskZPrepass =0
iShadowMapResolution =1024
fShadowBiasScale =0.3500
iShadowMaskQuarter =4
iShadowFilter =3

Thank you in advance !! :3



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I know but in movement it looks like a dozen of black squares that are moving around on my character face ... I'll try what you are talking about and see. And maybe I'll take a short video to show what I mean ...


Thank you anyway, sorry for the stupid looking questions :p

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The lower you set iShadowMapResolution, the more pixelated shadows will get. And vanilla shadows are even at a setting of 4096 quite pixelated, especially character shadows. That's why I wouldn't want to play Skyrim without at least a minimum enb setup which fixes shadows.

With iShadowMapResolution =1024 you have to make shadows more blurry. Open enbseries.ini, search for [sHADOW] and increase the values for:


However, the higher you set those values, the less distinct shadows will be. So you'll have to find a balance that suits you.
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