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Some of you whom frequent the Nexus will no doubt have seen the "Speed and Stability Guide for ENB" and the inclusion of an Update.ini file in the downloads option.


My question to you guys is this,


With the amount of settings that this ini adds, some of which were not present in the ini's after using SPini exe from DoubleYou, are they actually doing anything positive, I thought before I installed it I would check if they existed in game with the getini console command and here's the results I found



I'll list it as so

Setting=Value ; annotation (whether it's a new record (I.E not found with getini command) duplicate or found in a different ini file)



bMultiThreadMovement=1  ; Found with a value of 1
bUseThreadedParticleSystem=1 ; Not Found
bUseThreadedMorpher=1  ; Found with a value of 0
bUseThreadedTempEffects=1 Found with a value of 1
bUseHardDriveCache=1 ; Found with a value of 0
fFlickeringLightDistance=8192.0000 ; found in Skyrim.ini
bUseMultiThreadedFaceGen=1 ; Found with a value of 1
bBackgroundCellLoads=1 ; Found with a value of 1
bUseMultiThreadedTrees=1 ; Found with a value of 1
bUseBackgroundFileLoader=1 ; Found with a value of 0
fShadowLODMaxStartFade=500.0 ; Skyrim.ini value = 1000
fLightLODMaxStartFade=3000.0 ; Skyrim.ini value = 3500
bAllowScreenshot=0 ; Skyrim.ini value = 1
fSunShadowUpdateTime=0.25 ; Found in Skyrim.ini
fSunUpdateThreshold=1.5 ; Found in Skryim.ini
fLightLODMaxStartFade=3000.0 ; Duplicate found within Update.ini!!
bShadowsOnGrass=1 ; Found in SkyrimPrefs.ini
bSimpleLighting=0 ; Found with a value of 0 (Could not locate in any ini files but game lists it)
fDecalLifetime=256.5000 ; Found with a value of 30
iAdapter=0 ; Found with a value of 0
iPresentInterval=0 ; Skyrim.ini value = 1
iGrassCellRadius=2 ; Found with a value of 2 (Skyrim.ini value from Gamerpoets Video)
bGrassPointLighting=1 ; Found with a value of 0 (Could not locate in Skyrim.ini or SkyrimPrefs.ini)
f1PArrowTiltUpAngle=0.7 ; Skyrim.ini value 0.7
f3PArrowTiltUpAngle=0.7 ; Skyrim.ini value 0.7
fVisibleNavmeshMoveDist=12288.0000 ; Skryim.ini value 12288
bReflectSky=0 ; Found with a value of 1 (Skyrim.ini)
bForceFullDetail=1 ; Found with a value of 0
bKeepLowDetailTerrain=0 ; Found with a value of 1
bAllowProfileTransfer=1 ; Found with a value of 0
bUseSaveGameHistory=1 ; Found with a value of 0
bDecalMultithreaded=1 ; Found with a value of 0
bForceAllDecals=1 ; Found with a value of 0
fBookOpenTime=700.0000 ; Skyrim.ini value of 1000
sMapCloudNIF=0 ; Not Found
fMapWorldMaxHeight=150000.0000 ; Not Found
fMapWorldMinHeight=7000.0000 ; Not Found
bWorldMapNoSkyDepthBlur=1 ; Found with a value of 0
fWorldMapDepthBlurScale=0 ; Found with a value of 0.30
fMapWorldZoomSpeed=0.3700 ; Found with a value of 2.00
fMapWorldMaxPitch=400.0000 ; Found with a value of 75.00
fMapWorldYawRange=400.0000 ; Found with a value of 80.00



Have a read through and feel free to double check if you like and let me know if you think this file is actually helping or hindering gameplay overall.

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I have used it in the past and haven't honestly noticed any improvement in gameplay, I'm always dubious when it comes to ini settings though as I have noticed and self proven in the past that they can easily break one's game.


This time around I'm being careful with what I put in my ini files, Gamerpoets released a ini setting video on youtube and I made sure to check every single variable he listed with the getini command, if it wasn't found in my game I wouldn't enter the line into my ini files, seems fair that if the game cannot find it then it does not exist.


Nevertheless I will wait for DoubleYou to weigh in on this one, thankyou for giving your input though it is highly appreciated :)

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Thank you for input DoubleYou, I appreciate it immensely.


After having cleaned up my ini files with your immensely useful spINI tool, would it be wise for me to add in lines from the youtube video made by GamerPoets, I am of the understanding that Michael from GamerPoets got his ini tweaks from the S.T.E.P wiki anyway, but I just thought it would be best to check if only for the added security of insight from people such as yourself, as it seems the ini lines have changed somewhat since I started modding skyrim

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Thankyou, I'm now currently going through the ini tweak pages on the wiki as well as the video ini guide from GamerPoets, trying to find the best possible set of tweaks for my game that don't cause undue problems like so many other tweaks do.


Once again thankyou to both yourself and TechAngel who stopped by to offer help and support to a fellow gamer

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I don't recommend this. The implementation is not the best, and is incompatible with spINI since I can't currently read plugin INIs. Most of the changes, the few valid ones, are okay, but some of them have undocumented effects.


Quick question , sorry if already asked ,  but spINI seems the best way to make ini for skyrim , will Step be using this tool and have a check box for STEP users

All Mods with LOD using contemplation Step patch

All mods without LOD using contemplation Step patch

You get what I mean  spINI with Step ini settings

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also, when messing around with adding <plugin>.ini

be careful because they dont behave by the normal rule of one.

The game will only apply the first instance on a parameter=value in order of 00->FF


W will have to confirm this but I tested this by creating two inis, update.ini and dawngaurd.ini.

In the first ini, I put the grass size as 120 in the second I put 20 and just to make things better I put 60 in the My Games\Skyrim\skyrim.ini

When I loaded the game there was little grass to be found, swapped the values and then I suddenly had some lush grass.


Little backstory - I briefly tested this for Mator when he was implementing ini support in MP Standalone.

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