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  1. UPDATE: Fixed transfer to New PC is done, sorted out the error path above the game loaded working well thus far !
  2. Update: moved everything across. Yet getting the same error as this player was ( His image NOT mine) http://i.imgur.com/wB87Dj5.png "SKSE Error - failed to spawn "skse_loader.exe" failed to start process. (The Director name is invalid) 267" The SKSE shortcut ... steamapps\common\Skyrim\skse_loader.exe And the shortcut create by MO for SKSE ... Modding\MO2\ModOrganizer.exe "moshortcut://Skyrim:SKSE" using the MO SKSE shortcut produces the error above
  3. Above famous last words.. Nearly a year later started doing the move now .. Ok, downloaded the latest ModOrganizer. 10/8/19 (GitHud) to install on my New PC , but on my Old PC there's no %AppData%\Local\ModOrganizer folder, only a program folder with all my mod stuff would be older version of MO. Also when moving the Sykrim backup across I moved SKSE as well, and vaguely remember that has to point to 'something' ( link was missing from the Old PC) So I going to install the new ModOrganizer and then copy across all the data from the old one.. Scream if this is wrong, as well as any other helpful hints ,, thanks again.
  4. Ok doing this right now.. thanks for the help.
  5. So finally got around to looking at this issue of moving my OLD Skyrim to my New PC .. and wondering If I installed the Skyrim Special edition, would moving across the Mod Organizer 'stuff' work on that version. I expect NO , but cant hurt to ask.
  6. I have Skyrim and Mod Organizer modded with STEP on another PC . ( ages ago not the latest Step version) Can I move 'everything' to my current PC build ?. Just checking to make sure there's not something special I have to do first Thanks
  7. DoubleYou, on 23 Aug 2016 - 9:54 PM, said: And here I was in Elite Dangerous , hunting mysterious signal sources about Aliens Invasion , when I get THIS message ... lol . ha !
  8. AH !!.... finally somebody knows ...:) Now to figure out why I had it in my load order in the first place
  9. Given I have posted , the ini files in the first post , and the Depth of field is well known... so is set too 1 .... the water is still clear Please read the first post.
  10. I'm using is Phinix Natural ENB *note Description on Mod page says ' Texture Filtering - Negative LOD Bias" (or something similar) is set to "Clamp" or "Off If running Nivida on 144Hz screen , use the half refresh rate ,and have the 'clamp OFF ' both setting are in the Nvidia control I also used a Merge .esp following the Step video watch the bash video as well .I have no issues. expect NPC sleeping habits :)
  11. Still cant get this working , have use the markfordelete command removed the upstairs single beds and side-tables , Then using the carpenters workbench made two new single beach ( Single beds where not showing up in on the other building tables) , Now the NPC will use one of the single beds , but the other is unused Meanwhile the Steward stands and stares at one of the NPC asleep in the upstairs DB, there is room for her but doesn't , sleep . Tried the setownership clicking on the Single beds but the script refuses , to allow me to set it too any of the NPC My follower , will now use the two single beds upstairs , if I tell her to sleep in one of them Where is the BED in the eps and what esp or esm do I load up in TES5edit , to fix this , have no idea where too start to get the NPC too uses all the beds
  12. Given my original question ( problem) in first person view , my VAT kills are right on top of the NPC , not always but enough too bug me. which one of the VATS above , get the view to stand back a bit. ?
  13. Ok cheers , let that be a lesson tooyaall , set bEnableLogging to 0 , If your prone to misplacing keys (otherwise SSD full) and not a Mod author Thanks for that, and I found this , link on the page Papyrus Log Viewer https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/42815/?
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