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Moon Size Adjuster (By Dhegonus)


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Moon Size Adjuster by Dhegonus
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Moon Size Adjuster

Ever think that the Fallout 4 Moon is too small? Well.. so did I! 
I decided to make several .ESP files  for you, the beautiful people, to re-size the Moon 
and to make it more noticeable in game.
The .esp's were all made using FO4Edit - So they are very safe to use 
(try do avoid .esps made using xsnip - they have a habit of corrupting your Save file)
1.1 version now includes a FOMod installer for NMM etc that allows one easy download.
So, what does this mod do -Exactly-?
Well.. using FO4Edit I edited the moon size parameter. The standard size is set to "75" so.. for x1.5 magnification I simply multiplied 75 by 1.5 and so on and so fourth for the other magnification levels.
Will this clash with any other mods?
Only if the mods you have tamper with the Moon size, then no - it won't. In fact, if you use a Moon texture replacer - this mod of mine will work in conjunction with the Moon texture you want. BUT.. If the moon texture doubles the Moon size due to being a higher resolution picture etc.. My mod will magnify the new texture by 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5 etc and so fourth up to x10. So if your new Moon texture doubles the size of the Moon by default, my mod will double the size of the new texture.. so making the vanilla size virtually x4 etc.
Ah - I see! So, how do i Install this Beauty?
Good question, glad you asked. Download which ever one you wish (ONLY USE ONE WHEN ACTIVATING). If you use the Nexus Mod Manager - Download using that and install as you would any other mod. If you download it manually - Just extract the Data file in the zip into your main FO4 Directory.
How Many Magnifications are there?





Nexus Page: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3614?

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