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Compass Mod - Immersive Undiscovered Locations (by xackoff)


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Compass Mod - Immersive Undiscovered Locations (by xackoff)


Mod page description:

A small compass mod that changes all undiscovered location markers to a generic icon until you have visited the location.
Lightweight, highly compatible, script and ESP free, asset-only mod. Doesn't touch map menu and markers at all, affects only mainscreen compass.


Fully compatible with SkyUI, no conflicts.

Fully compatible with iHUD, no conflicts.


Recommended by mod author:

Atlas Map Markers with Atlas Compass Tweaks.esp enabled. Even if you don't use Atlas Mod itself, I still recommend using Compass Tweaks to remove marker clutter.




This is a nifty little mod I ran across recently. Just as the description says, it provided a generic icon for places you haven't visited yet, so you don't know if that "thing" to the northwest on your compass is a mine or a landmark or a dragon mound until you get there. Once you've visted a location, it displays the appropriate icon from that moment on. It feels sort of natural - you know the place you're heading to is in this general direction, but you can't "zero in" on it with the compass quite so easily.


I also like it because it helps separate the places you've been from those you haven't. I may think I've explored an area fairly well, then turn and spot a generic marker on the compass that I hadn't noticed before.


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