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I'm kind of new to mod organizer, I've read the documentation and looked at GophersVids re mod organizer.

I want to install FNIS.

I've downloaded and activated the mod, however I can not set FNIS as an executable.

I type in FNIS in the Title panel.

I choose the correct file in the binary, however when I click on Add button nothing happens (?)

I have already added Loot, TES5Edit and Wrye Bash without a problem.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue (?)

Thanking the community in advance .........

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Double check that you are using the latest version of Mod Organizer. If you are using the latest version and this is still an issue, use this workaround:

  • Click an existing executable in the list
  • Change all the text boxes as appropriate to run the FNIS generator.
  • Click Add

It may seem a bit odd, but this should work to actually add FNIS generator to the list of applications.

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