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mergeing a mod



following the step guide  i just want to no for mods that have more then one downloaded file for example..   (Embers HD) is it ok to merge them all together when installing with MO.. for example     embers HD + forge addon + ultimate fire effects compatabilty patch.  mods that have more then one download i would prefer to merge as one file rather then have them in an individule order.  and this gose for every mod on the list that has more then one download for it.  thanks

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You can merge if you wish but you don't actually gain anything in doing so. In fact it could be argued that you lose the ability to disable a feature, such as the 'forge addon', by merging.


The only thing you need to keep in mind is when a different module has the exact same named files in it with different attributes, then merging isn't a good idea.


Best bet, follow the guides to the letter and if they say merge, then merge, if they say keep separate, then keep them separate. If they advise nothing, then the choice is yours.

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