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Help with ENBoost settings



I have a question, I am playing Skyrim on a computer I built using an Evga SR-2 motherboard with 2 Xeon 6 core cpu's and 24 gigs of ram, both cpu's are water cooled and my video card is a gigabyte G1 GTX 970 with 4 gigs.


The question is, since both cpu's have their own memory controller and each bank of memory associated with each cpu has 12 gigs of ram installed, do I use 24 gigs when configuring the memory portion of enblocal.ini or just 12.


My enboost version is 279 and I use the wrapper version.


I am running 315 total mods of which 247 are esp files.


Since I started using enboost I have had a rock solid game, I have been playing Skyrim since amazon allowed preorders. I just want to make sure that I am maximizing my game properly.


If this is not the proper place to ask this please let me know.



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