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Intuition (by Pharros)


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Nexus link:





This mod simply adds an MCM menu that displays information about your character that is otherwise hidden from the player. I've always hated having to use the console to display information that should be more readily available.


From the mod's page:


"Intuition displays statistics through an MCM that are mostly hidden from player view, allowing you to see information such as attribute regeneration rates, weight ratio, elemental resistances, weapon base damage and DPS, weapon range, etc. This gives you the ability to optimize your statistical loadout for combat and other relative scenarios. The displayed stats are actually show at real time, so for example if you used a stamina regen potion you can check the menu to see exactly how much your stamina regen has increased while under the effect."


Looks really useful if it functions as advertised. I've yet to try it personally, but I thought it looked really interesting. What do you think?

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I think it'd be more helpful if it were displayable via HUD than in a menu, but hey, it's still a step up on no info at all. *shrug* Not being down on the mod, as it's all black magic to me anyways, but for that type of info, I like it more readilly availiable than in a nest of menus.

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