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tes5 edit backups not appearing in overwrite



after installing tes5edit in MO and having it work fine for the official file cleanups (backups in overwrite), i now can't see anything appearing in overwrite folder and i've edited the unofficial skyrim patch at least a dozen times (the workaround for running ASIS reproccer; deleting CELL, running asis, reinstalling USKP)


I ran search function and the backups seem to be appearing in their individual folders for the original mods i cleaned. weird.

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Slightly off-topic perhaps, but; do you need the backups? So long as the edited plugin is in the right place, then you can have two different installations for USKP. One as the full mod/file for your load order, and the other 'USKP Dummy' for reproccer duties that you can switch to without reinstalling.

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Backups should be in the mod's folder. Right-click on the mod and choose Open in Explorer.


i'll admit it is handy...just don't like things happening that isn't fixable back to the way it's "supposed" to be


First, I should qualify myself by saying that I'm not an expert with MO. I have been working with it a lot over the last year or two (falling in love with it) and have been learning a lot.


So, here's my idea regarding the question of how to handle TES5Edit (or any other) backup files.

Another way to find the backup inside MO is to double-click the mod, or right-click and select Information. Then, go to the <Filetree> tab. You can find your backup there. While here, if you'd like to keep "first" backup, just create a folder with different name and copy, or move your backup to the new folder. That way, it won't get overwritten.


When I first discovered this odd new feature in the recent update, I was a little confused at first as well. But the more I thought about it and looked at it, the more I realized what a powerful tool it could be.

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