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Firefox Performance Declining


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Has anyone else noticed that Firefox's performance is declining over the last several releases?


For example, I had 12 tabs open and loaded and it was using 1.2GB of RAM and the UI was rather slow. Opening a new tab would take a second or two where it's normally instant. Right now with only one tab loaded, it's using 300MBs of RAM, but the interface is responding okay. I've had to close and reopen FF every few days now to keep it running well. Before I could keep it open for weeks without issue.


Might be time for a fresh install... :ermm:

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Performance always declines when you have 12 pages of porn open Tech. You can't deny it! I would say you have gone too far though. ::P:  

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Well that's the problem right there! haha! nah. 11 Tabs now:


3 nexus tabs(my page, The Ruffled Feather page, General Stores page), 3 STEP Forum tabs, ENBSeries Forum, 2 anime tabs (not porn  :;):...Fairy Tail and Blood Blockade Battlefront ), and 2 youtube tabs.

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Have you checked out 'Tor Browser'? That is based on Firefox, so it might be good for a comparison.

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A friend of mine told me that Chrome is actually faster then Firefox because it starts a new process for each tab. I haven't tried it extensively though.


You might also want to try ad blocking via uBlock and host file. uBlock is very resource efficient and also blocks annoying cookie policy messages. A host file blocks a lot of unneccesary traffic right away but requires some CPU time depending on it's size.

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I am not having this issue with FF, but I also rarely have more than a few tabs open at a time. Currently, I am using 5 tabs and FF process is consuming about 316 MB of memory. Have not noticed any trends either.


My guess is that you may have a problem with a third-party tool/app (or other setting). Try loading FF in safe mode to see if it goes away.

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How does Tor compare Tech? It's a highly modified version so I would assume footprint differences.


With Firefox I use:


-Phony (I use this to easily enable mobile versions of sites).

-Clean Quit.

-Self-Destructing Cookies.

-No Script (basics only or it's annoying).


-A ad-blocker.


Seems like enough to keep everything clean and tidy. Mind you, I never open a lot of tabs myself.

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I've wanted to switch from Chrome to Firefox for a while now due to Chrome tracking everything you do, but I just can't do it. Firefox is just too unresponsive and slow compared to Chrome. I always have many tabs open, as I open every link I click in a new tab because it is a lot easier to keep track of things instead of going backwards and forwards in one tab.


Right now I'm doing what I would consider "light" browsing, and have 7 tabs open. The way I use the internet is just too slow on Firefox for me.  :ermm:

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It's not a problem currently since I restarted FF earlier. I'll have to wait until it starts getting backed up again.

I have another computer porn joke here, but it's not safe for work.  :^_^:


By the way Tech Tor is a private proxy browser, so it's usually slow for browsing. I just thought you could try it and do a comparison as you don't need to install it.

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I'm not having that issue with Cyberfox and I have tons of tabs open. I use the 64-bit portable version. Much better than Chrome which not only spawns tons of processes but has huge memory usages for each tab.


Can't say I like the new intro page but w/e


For Reference I use the following plugins

HTTPS Everywhere



Picozu Shooter


Youtube Video and Audio Downloader


Fast Image Research

Tab Mix Plus

Random Agent Spoofer

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