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missed stepped on step core and ext



i keep doing my best to properly install all of the step mods i did what the Instructions tell me to do but for some reason the face paint is block'y and flickering.


about your guide i cant tell in what order i to install the core or ext mods sorry i get confused. 

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OK, the install order is mentioned on the STEP guide:

Final pre-intallation notes (just before STEP 2 title):

Install mods in the order that they are presented in the following tables in order to achieve the desired result.


The blocky warpaints is a missing skse.ini configuration, which is not mentioned on the SKSE detailed instructions anymore (not sure if they where on previous STEP guide but I seen to remmember they where).


It's mentioned in the SKSE guide where to get a SKSE.ini on the nexus here:



The line you need to add to STEP guidelines to fix warpaint and general makeup resolution is (you can use 512 or 1024 too, Skyrim default is 256, thats why its blocky):


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