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ENB 277 and "FixLag" - 30 FPS boost?!



I don't know if this is a result of the new binary, but Grim and Somber ENB which I use got updated to 277, and as I was installing the new version I happened to notice Grim's suggestion notes in the enblocal which stated that if you use an Nvidia card, set FixLag to true and it may or may not be helpful. So I set it to true to see what would happen, load a game and there's my FPS at 60+ Everything else was working as normal, I just had about 30 more FPS than I am used to having with an ENB. So I quit and disabled the FixLag, load the game up and sure enough, back down to 30. Quit, set FixLag to true, log back in, back up to 60+ 


This has got to be too good to be true, right? Someone tell me my computer will explode before I start getting my hopes up.


Here's a picture with the FPS in the corner, in case you think I was hallucinating:


How can this be I don't even...

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