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Moving Skyrim to a Different SSD



I am currently using Mod Organizer and plan on getting a new SSD. I will be transferring Skyrim to the new SSD. Will it work to just copy and paste all folders to the new SSD and then change the target directories? Or are there special steps? Or will I have to just reinstall everything?



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You'll probably want to use Steam to move Skyrim to the new SSD. If you do move Skyrim to the SSD, back up all your ENB files in the Skyrim folder first so you can restore them to the new SSD. Also be sure to run the Skyrim Launcher once so it sets itself up properly.


As for Mod Organizer, you can reinstall Mod Organizer to the new SSD and then copy over the downloads, mods, overwrite, plugins, and profiles folders to the new Mod Organizer folder. I usually back up the entire Mod Organizer folder to an external drive or network folder to make sure I have a good copy before shutting down to make sure I have one good copy in a safe place, but I tend to be a bit obsessive-compulsive with data. ;-)

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