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Move Unmanaged (Non-MO) ESM/BSAs into Mod Organizer?



Hi all,


I understand that the ESM/BSA for SKyrim and all DLCs are located in your actual data folder (and thus not in MO). As a result, they're listed as "unmanaged" in the left pane of MO. Basically what I was wondering is whether or not it's possible (or even a good idea) to move these files into MO. Can this be done by creating a new folder in the mod directory for each one and then placing the esp/bsa in there? Or is it best to just leave these files in the data folder? If this is unclear please let me know and I'll try to clarify.



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On reflection, the question in the OP should probably be answered with a resounding NO!


Moving them means there would be no plugins in the Data folder and I'm pretty sure the game engine would have a heart-attack if it was started with that empty, even if MO provides them in a modded VFS.

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There is actually one good reason to move them into a MO managed mod.

If you followed GamerPoet's videos on cleaning the *.esms you will notice he makes new clean versions and places them into a mod and that leaves the original 'dirty' plugins in the Data folder.


Why is that a good thing? Anytime you use Steam to verify your installation the original files are checked and nothing is replaced, keeping you clean plugins safe in their own folders.


However, the steps to clean them are easy and you shouldn't have too many reasons to verify your install so just keeping them in the Data folder is just as good. 'Six of one, half a dozen of the other'.

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