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Need advice: rebuilding World LOD for mod with edits to Tamriel

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I am trying to help an author of some mods which make changes / additions to the outskirts of Skyrim, in the Tamriel world space.


I know DynDOLOD will be the best tool for generating Object LOD (.bto / .btt), but since the mods also make edits to existing vanilla landscape in a bunch of cells, the World LOD (.btr) also needs to be re-generated.


After searching the best and most concise (if not brief) guide is on the official Creation Kit site, here: Creating a Custom Worldspace with LOD


The problem is that this, and nearly all information on creating World (terrain) LOD is intended for modders creating a new Worldspace.


In my case, I want to make World LOD for an existing Worldspace, Tamriel. Then my plan is to keep the btr files for cells which are edited by the mod, and discard everything else (for best compatibility.)


So I'm hoping somebody here can give some advice on this. Specifically, are there any caveats or things to do differently when generating World LOD for the Tamriel Worldspace?

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