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ENBoost & Ultimate Lighting Overhaul questions from a non-ENB user


I'm interested in using ULO - the version that is just sweetfx and not an enb. It's located here -



Now I read in STEP that I should be using ENBoost. I've never used either of these mods before.


ULO appears to have ENBoost already installed? So if I just install all the necessary ULO files, I won't need to do anything else for ENBoost, right? The nexus comments for ULO suggest using the wrapper version of ENBoost ...


Or maybe I still need to install the ENBoost files? but then I don't know if I should use the d3d9.dll from the ENB archive or the one from ULO?


OR maybe just skip this step and use the files from ULO+ which is an ENB version ...


I'm confused.

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Install the ENB d3d9.dll 


In your enblocal.ini fill in the proxy lib line with the name of the ULO .dll file and enable it. 


Also set UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics to true to disable the graphics parts of ENB. 


That should do the trick. 

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Hmmm. Both ENB & ULO contain d3d9.dll. So you're saying I should put the ENBoost files in the Skyrim directory - including the ENBoost version of d3d9.dll - but leave the ULO files in their own directory and then changing the Proxy section to point to the path of ULO's copy of d3d9.dll?


I mean, the name of the dll from ULO is d3d9.dll, exactly the same as the name of the version from ENB. So I can't have both copies in the same folder, right. Or should I rename one of them? Or do you mean some other ULO file?

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