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Missing Bathing In Skyrim MCM menu


After installing SRLE, MCM has not registered the Bathing in Skyrim menu. I'm thinking it's an issue with the merged esp, but I'm not sure how to test this. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hopefully, you deactivated the main mods ESPs by double clicking the mod in the left window, selecting the 'Optional ESPs' tab, and moving all available ESPs to the top optional ESPs. I have the replacement ESP installed in a separate folder which I call "Bathing in Skyrim Merged" and is placed right after "Bathing in Skyrim" in the left window. This contains the new "Bathing in Skyrim - Main.esp". Make sure both these mods are activated in the left pane by checking the box. On the right pane, select the plugins tabs and make sure "Bathing in Skyrim - Main.esp" is activated by checking the box next to it. Hope it helps.

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