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Vanilla Chaos Damage Enchant Broken?

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Hey all!
After doing some delving, I believe I have stumbled upon a bit of a bug in the vanilla "Dragonborn" code, and would like a bit of advice as to how to fix it.
Essentially, the Chaos damage enchant is broken when being applied to a new weapon via the enchanting table.  For some reason, only one of the damage sources can be modified via the slider in the enchanting UI, and thus only one of the damage sources (Shock damage in the vanilla enchant) is being scaled, whereas the rest are staying at the default value.  However, for weapons found in the world, it isn't a problem, since they have a set enchantment.  
I made a quick mod in the CK that modified the magic effect description for the fire/frost components of the enchant, and took a few screenshots to show the issue more clearly.  
Has this been noted before?  Does anyone know how to fix this?  It seems that in-game, the enchanting slider will modify whichever magic effect has the highest "Base Cost" value, and in the case of the Chaos Damage enchant, the base cost for each of the components is as follows:
Fire = 6.5
Frost = 6.0
Shock = 7.0
The shock component is the one with the default description of "50% chance for each fire, frost, and shock to deal <mag> points of damage", and due to its "base cost", it is the one that gets modified via the slider in game, making the tooltip look correct.  However, my last two screenshots show that only 1 component is being modified in-game, and therefore shows that the vanilla Chaos enchant seems to be broken.
Experienced modders - is there a way to fix this? 
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At very least you should enter this as a bug on the Unofficial Skyrim Patch bugfix website so they can try to fix it, in addition to looking for a nearterm fix.

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At very least you should enter this as a bug on the Unofficial Skyrim Patch bugfix website so they can try to fix it, in addition to looking for a nearterm fix.

Sounds good.  I'll post it to the buglist over at AFK mods (if the site ever lets me validate my email in order to be allowed to post...) 



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