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'Go to first unread post' not always visible


As per the subject. There is 'Go to first unread post' option on some threads (right at the top of the thread, right hand side), but not on all of them. It is very useful for hot threads that get a lot of responses and for the ones with many pages. 


Why is it not available for all the threads with new posts?


For example, I am unable to see it in this thread: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/3130-reading-takes-time/

But it is visible in this one: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/4545-no-snow-under-the-roof-by-prometheus/

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Hit the litlle icon just to left of thread title in the thread-list view ;)


For topics with new content, this is a shortcut to 'first unread post (hover over that icon).


The reason the within-thread menu option is not available on some (top right), is because they are only a single page long. I suppose the logic is that you should not be that lazy :P (since you are already drilled into the thread ... but the method above always works with new posts)

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