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Hall of Beginnings - An Alternate Start by MimiTheAlchemist

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This looks like a good alternative to Arthmoor's Live Another Life, but it's also something more than just an alternate start mod!


Bear in mind it sounds like there are some issues with the certain choices, but just this:



The game continues on normally until you die. When you die, you will be

given 3 choices.


A: Return to the Hall of Beginnings.

You return to the hall of beginnings and choose a new life.

You get two extra choices.

1. Retain all knowledge of your past life

all stats stay the same, and you keep all of your perks

2. Forget all knowledge of your past life:

all stats are reset, and you loose all of your perks

to reset your level back to 1, type the console command:

player.setlevel 1

*When you choose this option, it will take a while

for the next dialog to load because of the size of

the script. Please be patient and do not press cancel

Unfortunately, you'll keep all the quests you were currently on unless I

find a workaround that doesn't mess up the game. If you pick dragonborn,

you will have the main quest in your journal no matter how many

lives you live.

The contents of your inventory (excluding quest items) are in a chest to the left

of the sage's desk. After you retrieve your stuff (or leave it), you will then

choose another tome and go about your way.


B: Roam this world as a ghost.

You are transformed into a ghost. The bright side is no one can

harm you and you get to keep all of your items.

If you don't want NPCs to see you, type the console code:


*If your are bored of being a ghost, you can be resurrected.

Speak to Joric at Morthal's Highmoon hall. He will direct you

to where you can go to return to land of the living.


C: Pray to the Divines for mercy.

Since I'm an optimist, there is a 7 out of 10 chance the Divines

will help you. If the divines help you, Your health will be restored

to the base stat (100), and you'll live to fight another day.

If the divines refuse to help you, you will be doomed to roam

Tamriel as a ghost. (see B)



I must say this sounds pretty good! Hopefully the author can improve on the mod, in which case I'd be eager to test it out!

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The alternate death mechanics seem interesting. (Skyrim really needs a better death mechanic than just "Reload your last save".) However, it needs to reset quests etc. when you return to the Hall for reassignment.

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Actually it would depend on the quest. You shouldn't need to bring the dragonstone back to whiterun if that's already done by your former self. Actually this way it's a lot more realistic!

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