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Forum Theme - STEP BLUE



I've just completed a BETA of an alternate theme called STEP BLUE. Still some work to be done, but you can check it out by going to your Control Panel/Profile, click on the Edit Options link, then choose STEP BLUE from the Board Style dropdown.


Additional changes to the board layout include:


Tab style breadcrumbs integrated into the main board display.


Link bar at the top for quick access to common links. The following also have menus:

-- User Profile

-- Subscribed Threads

-- Subscribed Forums

-- Open Buddy List

-- Admin CP (administrators)

-- Mod CP (Moderators)

-- Logout



-- Compose

-- Inbox

-- Sent Items

-- Drafts

-- Trash Can



-- Advanced Search

-- New Posts

-- Todays Posts



Post feedback on what works, and what doesn't...what you like, and what you hate (Alt-F4).

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I'm liking the STEP 2 Theme a lot, as much for the layout/functionality as the re-colouring.

Only tweaks I would suggest atm are to try the Nexus grey or dark grey for the background instead of black to keep a consistant 'feel' (I often switch from Nexus to here & back in use) and go back to a light text font - white or off white as that tends to be easy on the eye and shows coloured text and/or links well.

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Thanks guys. Some of the features can be incorporated into the default theme, though I'm not sure if mobile devices would be able to display everything correctly. The top bar would be problematic since everything would be squished together and start cascading down the page, and likely the same for the tabbed breadcrumbs.


Going to do work on at least one other with the same lay-out as this, but with a different color scheme. Suggestions welcome.

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Adding to what I mentioned on this theme in the dev section.... forgot to suggest that you use something other than white for a:link and a:visited. Something colored would make it more obvious. a bright light blue would work, so would a muted light orange...?

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