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Unreal cinema: SMAA or edge AA ?



1) from SR instructions: "For the purposes of the guide, the d3d9.dll method will be used"


2) from guide ENB STEP wiki :  "ENB users only have two options available to them; Edge AA or SMAA using an injector. For users on low-end systems, the ENB's Edge AA is probably the best choice because it comes with almost no performance loss. SMAA is a great replacement for driver AA or the game engine's AA, so for users on mid to high-end machines, SMAA will be the best option"


Then, copy the following files provided in the ENB mod download files to your root Skyrim folder :







 ---> from what I understand I'm instructed to use ENBseries wrapper v. not injector v.    In regard to the wrapper or d3d9.dll I have a question.  


I'm using Unreal Cinema and guessing that Unreal Cinema is built to use Edge AA and NOT SMAA correct ?  If that's true would a switch to SMAA really be a noticeable improvement ?   If I did want to try SMAA (I'm using ENB mgr) would all I have to do is make a copy of Unreal Cinema's dir and replace the files : d3d9_aa.dll with d3d9_smaa.dll and then add the other 3 in the same dir ?  


Or is it more complicated than that ? :o_O:  Thanks

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Unreal Cinema v212 (current) has new AA processes built into the ENB as well as shader based AA. I would say try it first before messing with alternatives.

I'm such a neophyte.  I just don't want to miss out on any magic bullets.  


But I'm real happy with it.   SR le is near completion and the visuals are WOW.   After that I'll attempt SkyRE.  For sure that will test my sanity...

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ENB is in a state of constant flux atm.

If you do not want to have headaches, then just stick with the latest stable releases.

Learning how to add SMAA and other basic tweaking stuff is always a good idea!

But atm it is just going so fast that it is almost not worth telling people what they should do, since the next day it is going to be something else anyways.

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How about telling me how to turn off the weird crap Unreal Cinema (1.16) is doing to my sky with Climates of Tamriel. The actual sky is just a very small circle above the character's head, the rest is faded out ambient light with a few visible clouds and effects. Plus, my sun is strobing at me!


Otherwise, this is gorgeous stuff. Way more options to play with than RealVision or SkyRealism but I don't understand what any of them do. :P


Ah, learning.

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