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3D Vision with ENB 119 (shadows errors)



Hi everyone,


I've just maked a fresh install of STEPS 2.2.6 on my skyrim 1.9.32 with all DCLs + Live another life (like Legendary Edition), it works like a charm, and i'm glad to thanks all the autors for this great tutorial.

But this isn't the reason i'll came today. I've encountered some problems with my configuration and ENB series.

For first my configuration : Core i7 2600K@4,5GHz, 16 GB Ram, GTX 670, M4 SSD (where skyrim is installed) and an ACER 24" 3D Vision display (i've a dual screen on my system, but the 2nd 24" screen isn't 3D Vision ready and i'll used it only for monitor my system when i'm playing games).

I would like to play skyrim with my 3D Vision system, but when i'll want to use it with ENB 119 (i've installed SkyRealism ENB with "Cinematic" preset + SkyRealism "Climates Of Tamriel" patch because i've used it), some errors appears : glitches, shadows (feels like a double shadow per eye, floating on the ground and water, very disturbing).

I'll download some "3D vision corrector" from skyrim nexus and other (like Hellix). Hellix 3D Vision mod works and don't work in same time, i'll explaned : no glitches, no shadows placement errors; but bad results on how all presets are rendered (like vanilla without any ENB installed).

When i'll permut d3d9.dll from Hellix to ENB preset, errors disappeared but with bad results, when i'll permut d3d9.dll from ENB to Hellix, some errors but great results.

Is there any solution to solve it ? smashed my 3D Vision system and trashed it :P ?





P.S. Sorry for mistakes in this text, english isn't my mother tongue, i'm french.

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