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some fun mods I like


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These are mods that make the game harder and more interesting. I dont think they would fit in STEP because they change gameplay. They fit very well with SkyRe and the uncapper. These two mods make you stronger. These other mods balance this out and make the game more exciting. I have no idea how to add them to SR, let alone SR with Iroha's addition. I think they would be fun to add in for people who have played the game.


If you have already won the game, making it harder can increase replayability.


Sands of Time: Settings to increase random encounters. This will impact CPU, so there are parameters

Deadly Dragons: Critical if making the game harder. There is an option that keeps important NPCs alive. If you dont use this, your get will quickly get unwinnable

WARNING: This causes a bug in the opening sequence even if installed by itself. When you go to the headsman, the script doesn't run and you just hang. Standard solution is to install after this scene is over. Not sure if that will work with SR).

Dragon Combat Overhaul: Lets face it dragon combat is boring.

Organized Bandits:

Bandit Raids: I saw bandit raids on many of the towns/cities I was in.

More Bandit Camps

Realistic Needs and Diseases: Seems to fit well with frostfall. Could be annoying for some people. I think you can adjust or turn off in Mod Configurator.

Skyrim Hardcore mods: https://www.gamersnexus.net/features/gg/853-skyrim-hardcore-survival-overhaul

Dont know their compatibility

Skyrim Alternate Start: Watching the 10 minute sequence to start the game gets boring after a while. Some of the starts are quite intersting. In the shipwreck one you are left undrewater with nothing off the north coast.

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Deadly Dragons, Realistic Needs and Diseases, and Alternate Start (Live Another Life) are in the guide already. So is Frostfall, The Dance of Death, Immersive HUD, Wearable Lanterns, and Sounds of Skyrim (linked in the hardcore mods list).


Sands of Time (now retitled The Way of the Dovahkiin) changes the game too much for my liking. Like the idea, but it seems excessive. Also saw Snip usage in the past, but that appears to be completely fixed.


I haven't tried any of the other mods. However, I'm not trying the other hardcore mods mentioned in the linked list (seems too old).

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William hit everything right on, though one thing he didn't comment was the Organized Bandit mod. Took a look at it, read it over and seems very interesting. I like the idea and I like giving life to bandits in Skyrim. I'm not knowledgeable enough with this stuff to say it would be good or bad, but I like the premise and idea. May give it a look :)

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Agree that most of these mods aren't needed or already included.


Organized Bandits is one mod I am interested in and haven't gotten a chance to take a look at yet. Another is Immersive Patrols. I think I remember hearing these two might have some conflicts, but it was going to be something I look at when I get my installation done. 


DCO is something I've always wondered about. First I tried Enhanced Mighty Dragons, it definitely made the dragons much harder to kill, but not really much harder to fight tactic-wise. Even though it made the dragons a lot more varied, they all really didn't have very varied AI. I wonder if DCO would be better or not. I am definitely looking at Deadly Dragons for my dragon mod of choice this next time around, but I'm not sure if DCO is recommended on top or not. I know there is a compatible version, but I haven't seen any information from reliable sources aka someone from these forums LOL.


Another mod I personally like is Immersive Settlements, it's still growing and expanding, but it's pretty impressive so far. 


I really found the daily live of Skyrim to be lacking. The adventures are epic and the fights are epic (with SR that is) but the worldspace isn't really touched upon to my tastes. Sure, everything looks amazing, but I feel like there isn't enough going on outside of the Dovahkiin's story. The mod's I've settled on to rectify the situation are the following (on top of SR + the SkyRe guide)


1. Immersive Settlements - Really fleshes out the settlements to make them more complete and give them a deeper feel.

2. Immersive Patrols - Adds patrols and NPCs of various factions, resulting in battles and traffic in the worldspace, rather than seeing a traveler or two every couple hours on the road you will get the feeling you aren't the only person out in Skyrim needing to get somewhere.

3. Travelers of Skyrim - Adds more NPCs with specific functions to the roads, helps lend to immersion of a level of inter-province economy outside of the shipping companies.

4. Inconsequential NPCs - Amazing, adds many "inconsequential" NPCs that are just concerned with living their lives scratching out an existence in the harsh climate of Skyrim. 

5. a housing mod or two. Thinking a Breezehome one maybe and possibly The Eagles Nest or something else that feels like it has some life for a player home.


I think Organized Bandits would be a nice addition to the list to breath new life (and carnage and death) into the world. Another mod that I am following closely that really finishes off the world to my liking is Civil War Overhaul.


Not all of these mods are in a final or even first complete draft state, so there are bound to be some problems. So I am taking my time learning how to install properly and work through problems, etc. waiting for SR LE to mature along with these mods. Undoubtedly some of these mods use scripts and add more NPCs so I might have to cut back on some mods or texture sizes, but I think it will give a much better impression of living in a large country filled with enough people to actually make the existence of these cities and places believable.


If anyone has any other suggestions I'd like to hear. Thanks for sharing, OP, and hope you like my suggestions as well.

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DCO makes dragon fights silly much harder because you cannot just hope to run about in the open and hope to kill it/them.

Even more so if you also have boosted the dragons difficulty. which the mod it not designed around. I am guessing it is designed around vanilla hp and dmg values etc.


You will get thrown around a lot, which is the main part of the difficulty, since if you are down and take a full dragon breath to the face it really does hurt.


My favorite though is that if you just stand about in the open, then the dragon can swoop down and talon grap you and drop you from up in the air, more or less insta killing you!


Also I like how multiple dragons really do seem to work better together. I actually had one dragon landing in a spot to try to lure me out, while the two others would then crash down nearby and double roast me as I came out of hiding.

It is unfair.. but well giant fire breathing intelligent lizards of DOOM should behave like that!

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@As far as DCO changing too much. Its configurable. You can turn it off in game.

Note if you add this, people with weaker PCs will have to turn the settings down. In the readme it says that high spawns can be harsh on PCs.


if you add organized bandits, you need to make sure to add a note that Deadly Dragons cant be skipped. HIGHLY recommend they go into Deadly dragons and set important NPCs to unkillable'. This is the only mod I have seen that does this.


i messed with it in a previous skyrim install. My first trip to Whiterun got raided. Several NPCs died. I did not check to see if they were important. It was on the outskirts of whiterun. but it was a cool battle. NPCs and I against bandits. However, the game will become unwinnable if your NPCs get wiped.




Deadly Dragons goes well with Dragon Combat Overhaul because you can add more dragons to the fight.


What about the 2 civil war mods? WARZONE and Civil War Overhaul (brand new so maybe too early).


Skyrim Sizes is a small mod that is alot of fun. It makes mobs that are supposed to be tall, REALLY tall. The first giant you run into at Whiterun is enormous.

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Agree on DCO/Deadly Dragons. The Deadly Dragons NPC protection is very useful.


I give Warzone a pass - rumor is that it is too big and will cause CTDs. Try Immersive Patrols for smaller battles (plus other crap/cool stuff).


Civil War Overhaul looks promising but I haven't bitten the bullet yet. It really does something completely different from Warzones - CWO adds new quest/plot elements and makes the story much richer; Warzones adds some really big battles but does not really enhance the Civil War plot.


Never heard of Skyrim Size.


OBIS looks interesting but I'm a bit hesitant and haven't bitten the bullet.

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OBIS works really well, doesn't seem to spawn extra bandits but makes them far more variable and interesting - haven't noticed any problems with it.


The Way of the Dovahkin is really fun but does make the game really difficult, just when you think you've beaten a set of baddies they get reinforcements. doesn't happen all the time though (thankfully), but again seems to be stable.


Civil War seems interesting but have not got much to report as I have not gotten involved with it so far. I am also using quite a bit of ERSO especially Enhanced Dragons and Real Unlevelled Skyrim amongst others.


I'm trying to keep the number of scripts to a minimum (not using WOTD) and this seems to be effective. Only cause of CTDs at present is EFF or at least with Vilja present so I am trying some simpler follower mods (ERSO 31) to increase the number and Better Stealth AI to make them not stupid. Hopefully I will find greater stability with followers (really need them in some areas) and may not miss some of the other features, time will tell. I'll post my mod / esp list later today or tomorrow when I'm home next if anyone is interested.

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Deadly Dragons is not functional with the open sequence in Helgen. If you install it before that when you get to the headsman, the game just stops. you cant get up and the script doesnt continue. i had to install it after that. so someone who understands this stuff will have to figure out how to incorporate it.


If you add mods that have huge battle sizes or Way Of Dovorkin, we will need something for people on moderate PCs. Both of the mod pages say this can be CPU intensive. Way of Dovorkin does have settings, but it seems to spin off a thread or something to times spawning mods (according to the mod page), so advice on how to set that for people with moderate PCs would be good. Input from guys on a budget would be helpful too. I just upgrade my PC.


Im trying really hard not be come a mod addict like you guys and play the damn game.

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Deadly Dragons is not functional with the open sequence in Helgen. If you install it before that when you get to the headsman, the game just stops. you cant get up and the script doesnt continue. game.


I only experienced that once out of countless times I've been starting the game with DD installed...

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What version of Deadly Dragons?


I have Deadly Dragons and Enhanced Mighty Dragons installed, and when my cart sequence works (caused by other mods), the whole intro works for me.

I'm using v6.3.5 still, have not downloaded the newest beta yet.


Edit: I should also note that, for the most part, I leave Deadly Dragons' settings at the default.

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