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Dagger Sounds 4 Daggers by Crystan


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From the author of Improved Horse Step Sounds and Better Weapon Swing Sounds, both already in STEP.


This mod changes the dagger swing sounds so that they are different to 1H swords - definitelly more "daggery". It sounds greatm however it has an ESP though, so not sure whether it's worth a slot.


I don't think I will be using this, as I'm nearing 255 ESPs in both of my current profiles, but maybe some of you will find this handy. 


I wonder if the author would be willing to combine BWSS and this mod...?


::EDIT:: I messaged the author with the above question.

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For SR based installs though, merging might work. I'd think a "deep copy as override" would suffice, based on the screencap above of the plugin's structure.


Yup, that should work perfectly fine. In fact, I may just merge that and Improved Weapon Swing Sounds, by the same author.

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If you're talking about Better Weapon Swing Sounds rootsrat, the ESP for that mod isn't required since it's running as loose files. That said, this mod conflicts big time with WAF-R and other weapon editing mods like GDO, along with not carrying forward fixes from the USKP: I'm thinking of merging its changes into my personal compatibility patch-- one could merge it into the general patch for WAF-R, but updating would then be a pain.

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