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LOD Billboard Not Found



Ive gone through with a pretty textbook installation of Dyndolod, heres a recording of me installing up to error.

billboards & tex gen not detected.

I run fabled forests, and i aim to have the lod line up with the trees from that mod.
fabled forests has an installation config menu, and you can install "3D lods for dyndolod"

Me attempting to install: What step am i missing? 

alt video link

Previously Installed files.

DyDolod folder:

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Read https://dyndolod.info/Official-DynDOLOD-Support-Forum#Post-Logs which TexGen and DynDOLOD log and debug to upload when making posts.

As explained in https://dyndolod.info/Official-DynDOLOD-Support-Forum#Read-Log-and-Error-Messages, click the Click on this link for additional explanations and help for this message link to open https://dyndolod.info/Messages/LOD-Billboard-Not-Found, which then links again to https://dyndolod.info/Help/Tree-Grass-LOD-Billboards#LOD-Billboard-s-Not-Found, go through the check list.

Messages from programs state facts. 
The video shows you are purposefully not deploying the changes after installing the TexGen output.
Learn how the mod manager you are using works, or consider using an easier to use mod manager like MO2.

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